Advent and Christmas Miracles

At the moment we are in the season of Advent.

How are you preparing for Christmas?

Watch the series of videos in the following presentation.

Why is Christmas all about the spirit of giving?

How have people’s lives been changed with random acts of kindness?

Also think about the power of words.

How did the blind man’s life change just with one random act of kindness?

This advent season, ask yourself, what am I doing to prepare? 

What am I doing to help others?


16 thoughts on “Advent and Christmas Miracles

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The videos were all very nice and perfect for Advent. Its better to give than receive. Help the poor out there who don’t even have a roof over their heads. Give to others in need.
    I can’t wait for Christmas to come~

  2. Hi……
    I’m not in a happy mood, I was, but then I saw that blind person and I just…. I can’t say that out of all the things I’ve done, I’ve had the chance to help anyone out of free will. It’s sad that sometimes, we forget that we aren’t as poor as they are and we say that our life is terrible. “It’s a beautiful day, and I CAN’T see it.” this makes me sad. It’s very sad for the man that can’t see. Regardless of how you phase it, he should still be helped.

  3. HEY Mrs Francis
    The videos you posted almost made me CRY and the third and fourth video was sad. I would also like to thank you west jet for making a miracle for the people in need. The fourth video was caring because a man that was blind and was poor, then a rich woman walked past and wrote something on the cardboard to help the man get more money. #sadness ;(

  4. Hi Mrs Francis,
    It is true that sometimes many of us forget the true meaning of Christmas and think it’s a time of taking presents, but no it isn’t. Christmas is a time of giving, a time when we change people’s lives and put a smile on their faces. Some of us forget that we were raised by our parents and always are wanting this and that but without our parents we would have been nothing. We would have never been able to step on stormy seas or climb mountains. Also instead of just walking by someone who is in need, we should all take the time and help them, for that is the true meaning of Christmas.

  5. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The video about the advent wreath helped us to get ready and prepare for the coming of Jesus on Christmas Day. The candles represent how many weeks until Christmas. Each candle is lit every week starting in December.

  6. Hey Mrs Francis,
    All of the videos that you put up are wonderful; it’s nice to see people are going out of their way and giving presents to the people who cannot afford to buy them. And it’s really not about the presents but more about the thought. One small little thing can change someone’s life.

  7. Hi, Mrs Francis
    I think the videos above told us that giving is better than receiving; it also means that there are more things to Christmas than just opening presents; it’s about Jesus’ birth.

  8. Hi Mrs Francis,
    How I prepare during the advent season is to donate to the poor and to pray for the coming of Jesus Christ Our Lord. When we give something to others, they sometimes reply in a negative way. Some people aren’t as wealthy as us and we have something that they really need in their daily life. Like in the blind man video, a lady wrote something that allowed more people to help him. The man’s life had really changed by the random act of the woman by the words that really attracted the others to help him.

  9. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Christmas is all about Christmas giving because some people can’t afford to buy stuff. Some people’s lives change because some random people want to help those in need. If you write something in a different way in words it can change that person’s life. Advent is the time when we prepare for the birth of Jesus. I can help others by believing in them

  10. Hi Mrs Francis,

    I will prepare for Christmas by helping those who are in need. Christmas is all about the spirit of giving because when you give something that would help the person they would be very happy. Thier lives have changed because those acts of kindness actually helped them. His life have changed because the lady wrote what was on the cardboard in a different way instead of telling the people that he is blind.

  11. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I will prepare for Christmas by going to church every week. Christmas is about the spirit of giving because you help others. People’s lives have changed by what they do. It changed because she wrote he wrote in a different way. I will donate money to the poor in the holidays.

  12. Well…my family don’t even celebrate Christmas sadly. All we do is just buy presents for each other…(well I guess I do celebrate Christmas but not like other people do) other people celebrate Christmas by putting up a Christmas tree, cover their WHOLE house with blinding, colorful lights and they buy presents for their family and friends and put them under the Christmas tree… I just buy presents, and that’s that! Christmas is all about the spirit because we are waiting for the birth of Jesus!!! Speaking of the power of words… I am trying it out if there are any poor people on the streets on the holiday. Asking myself how I am going to prepare heh?…Let’s see… I am going to plan what I am going to buy my parents and make my room look as CHRISTMASSY as I can! Thank you for reading.

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I really loved the videos, especially the last two. I felt like crying because it was so beautiful! The fourth video was quite unusual because I never knew there were other words that could express the same thing as something else but more meaningful. It was such a thoughtful phrase.

  14. Hi Mrs Francis,

    The videos were fantastic! Especially the martin you raise me up, I’ve heard that song before. And the Wetjet Christmas plus the power of words. Thank you for putting them on. I can’t wait to get the reports!

  15. Hi Mrs Francis,
    These videos that you posted were amazing. The power of Words video was absolutely fantastic. The lady did the right thing for the blind man by changing the help sign. That gave him loads of money.

  16. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The video was emotional, and showed the power of giving. Advent is an important time as we wait for the arrival of Jesus. It is good to see people helping other people that are more in need.

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