Silent Night & Social Network Christmas

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and contributions throughout 2014.

Have a safe and happy holiday.

To the Year 6’s leaving our school,

we wish you the very best as you begin your new journey.

We wish you all a safe and holy Christmas.

God Bless.

In beautiful harmony, Kelly Clarkson was joined onstage by Trisha Yearwood and Reba McEntire for a stunning rendition of “Silent Night”. Their voices blend together beautifully with this beloved Christmas classic written in 1818 reminding us what Christmas is all about.

We acknowledge YouTube for the use of this video.


8 thoughts on “Silent Night & Social Network Christmas

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I think this year was a wonderful year, yet it won’t end because we will still be very close together next year. For the year 6’s, I hope we will meet again sometime, maybe years later .. who knows? I have appreciated their kindliness to me and the other year 5s. It has been a fascinating, busy year. Camp, incursions and excursions. Thank you Mrs Francis.

    • Thanks Kelele for all your contributions throughout the year. I know you won’t be moving very far next year, but hopefully you will visit next year. It is always great to see students years later, so make sure you keep in touch. Have a great Christmas and New Year.

  2. PS: An idea that could help you top up the blog is maybe to add how many days, hours, minutes, seconds there are left till Christmas comes.

  3. Hi Mrs Francis,

    I like the first song it has lots of upper voices and lower voices.
    Can I ask you one question:
    Do you have a student called Tina this year?

    • Hi Kimi great to hear from you. Yes I had a restful Christmas break. I hope you had a great holiday as well. Looking forward to seeing you back at school tomorrow!!

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