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Here is a collection of videos and maps

to help you better understand our topic.

We will be using some of these videos in class.

You may also like to use some of these videos

to assist you with your research on your chosen natural disaster.

Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather

Watch the following video.

How many natural disasters and extreme weather conditions can you spot here?

What are some of the words you can use to describe some of these weather conditions?

Watch this video on mega storms.

How can people protect themselves?

Internet Safety – Celebrating Internet Safety Day 2015

This week saw our whole school take part in the global

Internet Safety Day for 2015.

We watched the videos below

and also discussed what to do when on the Internet,

so that we stay safe.

We learnt that it is important to act responsibly

when we are on the Internet, especially if we are on any social media sites.

Part of our activities at school

included designing a poster about Internet Safety.

The best poster in each class will be chosen and prizes will be given.

So remember, always stay safe on the Internet and follow safe practices!

We also listened to this song and joined in.

See if you can also join in.

What did you learn from our Internet Safety day?

What do you do to stay safe on the Internet?

What advice would you give someone about staying safe on the Internet?

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