Internet Safety – Celebrating Internet Safety Day 2015

This week saw our whole school take part in the global

Internet Safety Day for 2015.

We watched the videos below

and also discussed what to do when on the Internet,

so that we stay safe.

We learnt that it is important to act responsibly

when we are on the Internet, especially if we are on any social media sites.

Part of our activities at school

included designing a poster about Internet Safety.

The best poster in each class will be chosen and prizes will be given.

So remember, always stay safe on the Internet and follow safe practices!

We also listened to this song and joined in.

See if you can also join in.

What did you learn from our Internet Safety day?

What do you do to stay safe on the Internet?

What advice would you give someone about staying safe on the Internet?

Leave a comment.

We would love to hear from you.

25 thoughts on “Internet Safety – Celebrating Internet Safety Day 2015

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,

    I am starting to like the year how bout you?
    I think the videos you posted were really true don’t add someone u don’t know.
    Well see u on Monday

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Nice blog! I think that this blog will be full of good stuff this year.
    This video is so true because you shouldn’t add people or talk to people you don’t know!

    Well BAI!!!!!
    From: Kelvin

    • Thanks so much Kelvin for your positive and encouraging comments. I look forward to continuing to develop and improve our blog. I am looking forward to adding more of our class work throughout the year. Great comment regarding Internet Safety too.

  3. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I enjoyed Internet Safety Day because it helped me learn more about being safer on the internet and not doing things I’m not supposed to do. I think others would have enjoyed the Internet Safety Day too!

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,
    What I have learnt from Internet Safety Day is that we have to have strong passwords, never tell your password to anyone, and don’t give away your private information.

  5. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I enjoyed the Internet safety video and it taught me a few things that I didn’t know
    before. Do some more videos and keep up the good work.

    • I’m glad you learnt something new George. Also, thanks for the vote of confidence. It’s always great to know what my students think about our blog! Keep up the good work and keep stopping by and leaving your comments.

    • That will only happen if you allow people to see you, and if you put your personal information on the web. Always apply your privacy settings William.

  6. I learnt to not give out any of my personal information.
    I learnt when I go online not to give out information.
    Don’t give out your personal information.

  7. These videos are great because although its educational it is also entertaining so we don’t have to get tired of them. 🙂

  8. This brings back so many memories!… Hello Mrs Francis!… and the rest of your class! If you don’t know me or don’t remember me, which you shouldn’t anyway… I am one of Mrs Francis’students in 2014! This year in my new class it’s going great! 🙂 because I have made lots of new friends and I think this is probably going to be a great year to end primary school.
    At the beginning of 2015, I tried out for SRC, and I didn’t get the role, but that’s OK. Now I am just sitting back and…….. enjoying life!!:) Miss you heaps!

    • Lovely to hear from you Linh the awesome! You didn’t really go very far ( just next door) so you know you can always visit, although we still do see each other when the doors are open! I’m glad you are enjoying life! Great attitude. Keep stopping by the blog and leave your comments.

  9. Dear Mrs Francis,
    It is good that you put the Nelson Mandela speech on the blog so everyone can read it and I liked to reading the passage.

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