Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather

Watch the following video.

How many natural disasters and extreme weather conditions can you spot here?

What are some of the words you can use to describe some of these weather conditions?

Watch this video on mega storms.

How can people protect themselves?

4 thoughts on “Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather

  1. Mrs Francis,
    It’ll be scary to hear and see these storms. Not sure if we going to have that kind of storm here in Melbourne with Earthquakes, cyclones and landslides coming from the east. It would be cool but also scary. Mrs Francis I’m doing a project about earthquakes to present to my class.
    Sorry if I interrupted you about the earthquake, but I just remembered~ kind regards:)

    • Thanks Sasuni for stopping by our blog and leaving a comment. Yes, it would be quite scary to have such extreme weather conditions in Melbourne. I hope your project and presentation goes well. It sounds as though you have enjoyed researching your project. Keep stopping by. Regards.

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