Here is a collection of videos and maps

to help you better understand our topic.

We will be using some of these videos in class.

You may also like to use some of these videos

to assist you with your research on your chosen natural disaster.


  1. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I really miss you! Anyway, the rap was a very clever way of showing the water cycle! I learnt a lot of new words like condensation, precipitation, transpiration, collection and evapo transpiration.

    • You know you can always come and visit Kelly! Anyway, you are not very far away, just next door. I’m glad you watched some of the videos and learnt something about our topic. Keep stopping by and leaving your comments.

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I thought I might just visit your blog to see what you were up to, the blog has improved since I’ve been here! I also thought that the video was very interesting, I even used a few bits of info for my project!I hope you are enjoying your new class. :D,

    From Daniel or DanniPig

    • Hey, Daniel, lovely to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. I’m glad you were able to use some of the videos to help you with your research. Stop by and say hello anytime.

  3. Hi Mrs. Francis,
    Well, you see, I kind of have jumped on your blog and disrupted the peaceful puzzle war in your class. I am after all, the self proclaimed puzzle genius -although we both know that’s not true, I am good with puzzles though – and I’ve topped 3/4 of the puzzles you put up. Hopefully, this puzzle war can be continued outside your class and anyone who wants to reply to me of course can.
    And Mrs Francis, I think you’ve done another great renovation to the blog from last year, with new topics and all. I wish you the best with your new class. Let’s hope they aren’t too much for you. One more thing, the Layers of the Earth is well….almost unsolvable. The black tiles all look the same, and I just can’t seem to finish it. @__@
    P.S take it easy okay? I want to visit you at school when you aren’t completing your piles of work.

    • It’s great to hear from you Ayla Yen. Thank you for your constructive comments and support. Of course anyone can take the puzzle challenges. That’s why they are on the blog. So, welcome and keep challenging. I take your comment regarding the layers of the earth puzzle on board and will endeavour to change it to something easier! Keep stopping by and leaving your comments. We appreciate them. Also, don’t forget to stop by the class and say hello, it is always a pleasure to see you! Enjoy your weekend!

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