Archive | February 28, 2015

Mathematics – Problem Solving Puzzles

Recently we had an afternoon of maths puzzles and games during our maths class.

Here are some of our games.

One was called Monster Madness.  

We had to know our times tables in order to move around the game board

and outwit our partner by getting four in a row.

It wasn’t as easy as we thought!

Another game was to get four in a row using addition and multiplication.

The Magic Hexagon was very challenging.

We had to place the numbers 1-12 around the hexagon,

but each side had to add up to the same number. It was very challenging!

A great afternoon was had by all. 

20150212_122329 20150212_122338


Here are some more puzzles to test you!

We acknowledge and thank Subtangent Maths for the use of these starters.

maths puzzle which number

maths puzzle to 12

number wheel