Study Jams – Weather and Climate

Click on the following link to take you

to some fantastic information on Weather and Climate.

There are also some great interactive activities.

Use the website to help you with your research as well.

Study Jams – Weather and Climate

weather and climate study jams

I hope you enjoy the activities.

Write back and tell me something  new that you learnt.

4 thoughts on “Study Jams – Weather and Climate

  1. Hi

    I teach Year 5 in a UK school, in Cornwall (South West). Our class is currently learning about Australia in our Awesome Australia topic. We would love to set up a penpal link for the students to deepen their understanding of cultural differences and develop their letter writing skills.

    If any of your teachers/classes may be able to help, I would be extremely grateful!

    Kind regards

    Mrs Karen Hart (class teacher)
    Camelford Primary School
    Station Road
    PL32 9UE
    school email:

    PS. What a super blog! It looks like you have been working really hard!

    • Hi Mrs Hart,
      Thank you for stopping by our blog and for your kind comments.
      My children would be thrilled to be your pen pals. We spend a lot of time on our writing, so sharing information about our country would be a fantastic way for my children to also improve their literacy skills. I will send you an email so that we can set up the link and work out how we will do this. Thanks again, and looking forward to communicating with you and your children in the very near future.
      Regards Mrs Rose Francis

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