Archive | March 15, 2015

How the Earth moves – Monash Science Incursion

Last week Lydia from the Monash Science center came to our school to teach us about Natural Disasters.

We conducted some experiments which helped us to understand what is going on underneath the Earth’s crust. It helped us to understand the movement of Tectonic Plates, and how rock consistently heat, melts, cools and solidifies.

It was a very interesting incursion and we had a lot of fun.

Beach Day

Last Friday we went on a whole school excursion to the beach.

This was so exciting for many of our students.

Many activities were organized for us.

These included sand sculpting, beach cricket, beach volleyball, parachutes,

free play and meet the lifesaver.

It was a very relaxing day,

and even though we couldn’t go swimming,

it was wonderful to paddle in the water and have fun with our friends.

The bus trip was different because we took our Prep buddies,

and this gave us the opportunity of spending time with them as well.

Below are some pictures of our fun day.

Write back and tell me what you thought of our Beach Day.

What was the best activity? What did you enjoy the most?


Lent – Our Journey


As we travel through Lent, we are constantly reminded about how difficult it is for some people in our communities and in our world. We are reminded that life is very difficult for many. We need to stop and think about what Lent is all about. We are reminded about the importance of Prayer, Almsgiving and Sacrifice.

Below is a video on what Lent is all about.

At the moment we are looking at different issues in our world today.

We are also looking at respect and dignity.

How did Jesus treat people with dignity and respect?

How do we treat people with respect?

How do we help those who are less fortunate than us?

Why is it important to try to make a difference in other people’s lives?



Below are some of our Glyphs, which we created early this term.

We were still getting to know each other.

How well can you match the glyphs to the children in our class?