Lent – Our Journey


As we travel through Lent, we are constantly reminded about how difficult it is for some people in our communities and in our world. We are reminded that life is very difficult for many. We need to stop and think about what Lent is all about. We are reminded about the importance of Prayer, Almsgiving and Sacrifice.

Below is a video on what Lent is all about.

At the moment we are looking at different issues in our world today.

We are also looking at respect and dignity.

How did Jesus treat people with dignity and respect?

How do we treat people with respect?

How do we help those who are less fortunate than us?

Why is it important to try to make a difference in other people’s lives?


27 thoughts on “Lent – Our Journey

  1. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I never thought that I am unique. I thought before seeing this poster, I wasn’t that unique, until now. And in my opinion I think this poster is very true. Australia is a very unique place and I really like what it said on the poster.

    • Thanks for your comment Tina. Everyone is unique and special in their own way, and we are privileged to live in our wonderful country Australia.

  2. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I believe that everyone should be treated the same, sort of like how Jesus did. I also want to be like him but I am not always kind or treat others the way I should. But I want to try hard to become like Jesus because it feels good to be nice.
    From Allan

    • Thank you Allan for your very sensitive comment. I am happy that you have thought about what we spoke of today. It makes sense to always treat others the way Jesus treated everyone. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Thanks again Allan.

  3. Dear Mrs. Francis,
    I really liked reading the poster because it teaches me something about the people who are less fortunate than us. It made me wonder how many people even think about and appreciate the things that they have. Also the quote that Nelson Mandela had made was a really good one and I’m sure that if I hadn’t already thought about the things that I already have, his quote would have taught me a lot.

    ~Anna E~

    • Thank you Anna for your comments. I think that often we don’t think about how lucky we all are. I guess there is always someone who is worse off and who is suffering.

    • Thank you everyone for your very deep, meaningful and thoughtful comments. I hope you have understood a little more about our topic and that you have learnt to appreciate who and what you have in your lives, and how important it is to always treat others with dignity and justice. Well done.

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really agree with what Allan said. He said that everyone should be treated equally and I think that treating everyone equally is VERY important.

  5. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really like the poster on Nelson Mandela; it really touched my heart and I never knew that I was so lucky.

  6. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The quotes are really good and they are true. If I ever seen a homeless people I will give them food or some change. These quotes taught me a lot.

  7. Dear Mrs Francis,

    The quote that you posted was really inspiring and I am glad that I can do things that many people can’t do and it made me realise how lucky I am.

  8. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The poster you put on the blog is very helpful because it reminds me that instead of buying things I don’t need and throwing them away I will donate the things that are still in a good condition.
    By: Trinity

  9. Dear Mrs Francis,
    After I read the poster it taught me that I am more fortunate then a lot of people I always thought that I am very unlucky sometimes. At home when I am bored I would go on the internet and type in quotes because it is very interesting and it can stop a bad habit it could change your life.
    Julie 🙂 😉

  10. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I think these two images are a very good examples of how we should treat others; everyone should be treated the same even if that person has some problems- respect lives. Thank you for putting up such meaningful pictures.

  11. Jesus treated everybody, even the younger ones fairly. We can help the less fortunate by donating using our Caritas Project Compassion boxes. It is important to help others so they can feel loved and happy.

  12. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I believe what Nelson Mandela said is special because we should not just be happy that we have lived but to be happy that others have lived. So I will remember this quote and live by it because it kind of makes me feel special and maybe others feel it too. Jesus treated others as his brothers and sisters and forgave others for their sins. I treat others with respect, mostly but sometimes I don’t. I believe to help others we should give what we can and don’t need and give it to charity so they can live like us instead of being on the streets homeless, poor and also with bad health. I believe making a difference in other people’s lives is important because it’s like having a son and treating him like your brother so that he will become a good person in the future when they have their kids.
    From Allan

  13. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I enjoy reading this because it brought feelings of how we are more wealthy than the poor and homeless.
    I also enjoyed reading the Nelson Mandela Quote because he was a good man and was really helpful to his people.

  14. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Reading these 2 posts is very emotional and it’s trying to say that there are lots of people in this world that aren’t as rich as us but as we are more wealthy than them we should help the others who are suffering to help them to live a better life.
    By David<('_'’_’)>

  15. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I think that Nelson was a very brave man to stand up for his country and also to be willing to do whatever he could for his people to be free of the white people that controlled them.

  16. Hi Mrs Francis,
    We are so lucky to have a life, food and friends. Most people don’t have any of those things. I feel sorry for others that need all those things.I wish we all felt the same. Whoever reads this comment please make sure to donate to charity or just go to the poor and give out money or food or clothes.That will make people happy:)

  17. Dear Mrs Francis,
    When I read that poster I learnt many new things, and it made me think about the homeless and the hungry people. We are so lucky that we have food, shelter, money and clothes but it is sad for the people who don’t have shelter and food and clothes. So I will try to help the people by giving clothes and food to the people who need it.

    From Jordan

  18. This poster made me realize how many people in the world have nothing compared to us. Maybe we should donate more often.

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