Who were the ANZACS and why do we commemorate them?

As part of our study of the Anzacs, we were required to create either a poem,

or a letter which included what we had learnt from our research.

As we complete our work we will upload it to our blog.

Here is our first published poem and letter.

Congratulations Anna on a beautifully written poem, 

and to Tina L. for a sensitively written letter. Well done!

We hope you enjoy reading them.

Congratulations to Jade, Christine, Mathew and  Tina L.,

for their fantastic PowerPoint creations about Anzac Day.

Well done everyone!



16 thoughts on “Who were the ANZACS and why do we commemorate them?

  1. Dear Mrs. Francis,
    I am very proud of my poem and I think that the other people should be proud of their work as well. I really enjoyed re-reading my poem and reading the other work as well. I hope we will be continuing to write poetry.

    But Great Job Everyone!

    ~Anna E~

  2. Great job everyone on the slide shows and our teacher she has helped us a lot on this so I am grateful to have her as our teacher.

    🙂 :()!!!!

  3. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading these slides, poem and letter; they were really interesting to read and can teach people quite a lot about the Anzac’s


    • Again, William, as in the piano stories, I will load more onto the blog as I finish correcting them. Be patient.

  4. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Your blog is very interesting! Please continue to update it.
    From: Your Student (LAST YEAR) =C

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