The Piano – Animation by Aidan Gibbons, Music by Yann Tiersen

The Piano – Amazing Animation by Aidan Gibbons, Music by Yann Tiersen

We acknowledge and thank Aidan Gibbons and Yann Tiersen for this wonderful and amazing animation.

As part of our RE unit this term on New Beginnings,

we watched the above animation called the Piano.

It fitted in well with our discussion of memories, and losing people we love.

As part of Literacy, and RE, we wrote narratives based on the animation.

We enjoyed writing our short stories, and we hope you enjoy reading some of the finished pieces.ย 

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20 thoughts on “The Piano – Animation by Aidan Gibbons, Music by Yann Tiersen

  1. Dear, Mrs. Francis,
    I’m very happy that my piano story got to the blog and I really enjoyed reading the others, however I would have enjoyed it even more if I could have read the whole classes.
    Great Job Guys!

    ~Anna E~

    • Thanks for your comments Anna. I would love to have published all of the stories, but in fact in would have been too much. Other people will have the opportunity of having their work published next time.

  2. These summaries of ‘The Piano’ are fantastic. There are a lot of details. I loved reading them. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I really like the Piano stories. It really made me sad about when his brother died then the grandson rode on the same hobby horse.

  4. Such lovely pieces of writing; they made me feel like I was there. Some bits were sad some bits were joyful.

  5. Dear Mrs Francis I think all of the poems were fantastic and I really enjoyed them all very much. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Long ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The piano stories are very touching to me. I almost cried I don’t like it when
    the soldier died.

  7. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I was really surprised to see my story first on the blog. As I was reading Anna’s story (which was excellent) I realized that me and Anna had the same phrase, I guess we had the same idea, what a coincidence!


  8. Dear Mrs. Francis,
    The story ‘The Piano’ is a very touching and incredible story. The ones that you choose to put on the blog are spectacular and very detailed. Well done Anna, Yvonne, Mathew and Travis!!

  9. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I love reading the piano stories but I only got to read one and it was Yvonne’s and I really liked it but it would have been better with everyone’s story in the class because we all worked so hard on it.
    Julie ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Don’t worry Julie, as I finish correcting the stories, I will publish them on the blog. Just be patient.

  10. I always enojoy looking at what you post on the blog. Everyone did such a goood job on these piano stories.
    Anna’s one is the one I enjoyed reading most because she adds lots of detail and I could learn a few things from her poems and stories.

    • Thank you Jade for your positive comments. I will post the other piano stories as I finish correcting them. Everyone did such an amazing job on these stories, by putting their heart and soul into their writing. Well done everyone.

  11. Hi Mrs. Francis,
    These ‘Piano’ stories are so amazing!! They are also emotional too, but overall these are one of the best stories yet!

  12. Love the piano stories Mrs Francis. I hope I can read more stories about the man at the piano or playing the piano. Hope you have a lovely day for Mother’s Day.
    From Christopher

  13. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The piano poem was AMAZING! I almost cried because of the poems. They were all so great that I don’t know what to choose. Great job 5/6 FR!!

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