Endangered Animals

As we move into the next part of our study of Systems and Relationships,

we will be looking at endangered animals.

Click on the picture below to find out what ‘endangered’ means.


 Do you know any animals which are endangered?

Do you know why particular animals become endangered?

How does the destruction of habitats fit in with endangered animals?

How has man contributed to animals becoming endangered and extinct?

Do you know of any groups which are working

to help re-establish populations of animals which are on the endangered list?

Click on the picture below to watch videos of animals

which are on the endangered list.

Included in this link are also some amazing images of

the beauty of animals in their natural habitats.

bengal tiger

 Click on the link below to take you to videos about Endangered Australian Animals


Click on the picture of the animals below to take you to a great website

which will help with your research on your chosen animal.


2 thoughts on “Endangered Animals

  1. Dear Mrs Francis,
    It’s sad seeing so many animals endangered in the world. Hopefully, mankind will realize what they are doing and stop cutting down trees or doing whatever to hurt the animals.

  2. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I feel very worried about all the endangered animals 🙁
    I read on a trustful website 200 species of animals die everyday.

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