Welcome back campers!

What a wonderful time we all had!

There were so many activities to keep us busy.

Here are just a few photos showing you what we did.

We hope you enjoy the slideshow.

Did you enjoy the camp?

What was the best thing about the camp?

Be sure to leave a comment.


How well did you listen to the rangers during the excursions?

Try to complete this quiz.

52 thoughts on “PHILLIP ISLAND CAMP 2015

  1. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really did enjoy camp and I’ve got to say that camp is definitely one of my best experiences yet. The best thing about camp, hmm……the wildlife park, it was such a great experience feeding the animals especially the kangaroos, minus the fact that my new runners got very dirty.
    (P.S.: I loved the slideshow all the colours)


  2. Dear Mrs. Francis,
    I had a wonderful time at camp. I really enjoyed feeding the animals at the wild life park, going to the Nobbies and going to the beaches which had great views and landscapes.
    -Tina D

  3. Hello Mrs Francis,
    I really enjoyed camp at Phillip Island ๐Ÿ˜€
    I learnt that kangaroos are really nice and not always boxing ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Anyway overall camp was really fun with all the activities like watching the pelicans being fed and the beach walk.

  4. Dear whoever is reading this.
    Of course I enjoyed Phillip Island Camp!
    Definitely enjoyed feeding the wallabies, mostly the adults.
    What I enjoyed about Camp? Well I should say the Giant Swing! Mostly because it’s fun and scary. (I closed my eyes) But doing the Flying Fox wasn’t as much fun as doing other activities from my thoughts. I’m looking forward to next year’s camp! Also wanting to try the raspberry drops.

  5. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really liked camp and I can’t wait to go next year. It was so fascinating to see all of the animals in Phillip Island. My favourite part at Phillip Island is when we went to the wildlife park. I loved feeding the kangaroo because it was so adorable and it doesn’t harm humans. I can’t wait to go to next year’s camp!

  6. Dear Mrs Francis, I really enjoyed camp because last year it was so cold and we couldn’t wear four layers underneath the Sovereign Hill clothes but at Phillip Island we got to wear lots of layers.
    My favourite camp experience was going to feed the animals even though I was too scared to even go near the animals.

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,
    At Phillip Island I Loved feeding the animals at the Wild Life Park
    I Liked feeding the kangaroos, the emus were a little bit scary but I got over it.

  8. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really liked the Penguin Parade, the Wildlife Park and the Koala Conservation Park.

  9. Dear Mrs Francis,
    My favorite part was seeing the penguins at the beach.
    At the camp site we did fun activities.

  10. Dear Mrs Francis,
    This year’s camp was amazing and if we could make camp longer it would have made camp the best but still it was great. My favorite part about camp was the Wildlife Park because I had the opportunity to go very close up to kangaroos and wallabies and also feed them which was an amazing experience.

  11. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really like camp – it was so much fun and exciting. The wildlife park was my favourite place. At first I was really scared of the wallabies then I knew it was harmless so I started feeding them; it was so much fun. SO THANK YOU FOR PLANNING A WONDERFUL CAMP FOR US.

  12. Hello Mrs Francis,
    I really enjoyed Phillip Island Camp. The best part was On-Site activities that we did. I had a lot of fun.

  13. That was fun. That was really fun. That was great. Those animals were hungry and fun to feed and play with although some of them chased us.

  14. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Phillip Island camp was awesome! I wished that we could stay longer because it was so much fun. The activities I did were Giant Swing, Archery and Climbing Wall. These three activities were so much fun.

  15. Dear Mrs Francis, This slideshow shows me how much there was to see at Phillip Island and it helps me remember how much fun we had .

  16. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really liked the slide show; it was very nice.
    It brings back memories when I want to watch it again I can watch it.
    When we went to the wild life park I was very scared when we had to feed the animals but you came to me and told me that there is noting to be scared of.

  17. Hey Mrs Francis,
    We all had fun last week at camp. Some activities there removed your fears once
    you got used to it. The Wildlife Park was the best because you can feed the animals and you will not get bitten by some animals.The Penguin Parade was alright not the best because it’s hard to see in the dark. I had fun though so that’s the main thing.

  18. Hi Mrs. Francis,
    I enjoyed camp so much, last year was OK for me but this year was really REALLY fun. The best thing about this year’s camp was the Giant Swing and Archery. Feeding the animals was so much fun, but some of the animals were scary for me and some others in my group. Coming back home was the best. *wink*

  19. The camp was so much fun! I really loved doing archery. Since I went to the top of the giant swing, it was scary. We visited lots of places and did lots of things in just three days. I personally prefer Phillip Island over Sovereign Hill.
    At The Koala Conservation Park I learnt that koalas spend about 20 hrs a day SLEEPING. It was fascinating to hear the different calls of the genders of koalas.

  20. At Churchill Island I learnt that in the olden days they had a small house and even small windows, and how they hang their pans, and how they have no electricity.

  21. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I had a wonderful time on camp. And I wanted to go again to Phillip Island. My favorite thing in Phillip Island was going to the Wild Life park. Because I got to feed the wallabies, kangaroos and emus.

  22. Going to camp was so much fun because we went to Churchill Island, Penguin parade
    and the Koala conservation park.

  23. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really enjoyed the slide show that you put together!
    I really, really liked the wild life park; first I was scared but then Tiffany helped me feed one of the smaller wallabies then I started to feed the bigger wallabies.
    I really hated the emu, it was really annoying and it kept chasing me. I was really scared!
    Julie ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I loved this year’s camp and my favorite activity was the Giant Swing but I also wish that it had lasted longer so I could have more fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The slideshow you posted was nice, it helped me remember the activities we did. This year’s camp was really fun. I hope to to return to Phillip Island again in the future.

  26. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Camp was a lot of fun; I was tired but it was fun.
    I was excited to do the flying fox.
    The climbing wall was very hard but I tried my best to do it.

  27. Hi Buddies,
    We loved looking at your blog. Did you have fun on camp? You got to feed so many animals. Did you like feeding the animals? We missed you!
    From Prep Efe

  28. Going to Phillip Island was interesting. To be honest My favorite part was Sleeping >.<
    I also enjoyed going to the beach and taking pictures.
    My least favorite part was seeing animal poop EVERYWHERE

  29. I still have the fun to go again but only if we can go. I hope everyone is happy that they are back at school again.

  30. Dear Mrs Francis,
    This quiz was really fun but it’s kind of hard because if you accidentally choose the wrong answer, you can’t change it back to the right one. But still! This was really enjoyable.
    -From Kelvin

  31. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really like the quiz I got some wrong but it was super fun and also camp was super fun thank you for the wonderful quiz that you made kind of challenging but really fun.

  32. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The quiz was so much fun. I really liked it and I think it is very creative. It was so much fun and I actually learnt something.

  33. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The slide show was so amazing!
    It was pretty easy but I got 2 wrong I hope we can do another one next term.
    I hope we can go to Phillip Island again next year even though it was tiring.

    Julie ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. Hi Mrs Francis,

    We all had a great time!!!
    I love the pictures, they are fabulous
    The quiz is great too!
    Thanks for putting that up!

  35. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really enjoyed this quiz. I really enjoyed the wildlife park because we got to feed animals and I probably wouldn’t experience that opportunity.

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