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Recently in our class we had the opportunity of using the Storybird website to write our own picture storybooks using the wonderful art provided. We really enjoyed writing and used the visual cues to help create interesting short stories.

Here are the first of the completed short stories.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

Congratulations to Travis, Anna, Kelvin, Trinity and Jade

for each successfully publishing their first short story.


What do you enjoy the most about using Storybird? 

18 thoughts on “Storybird – Artful story telling – Our Stories

  1. I am really happy that my story got on the blog. What I loved most about Story Bird was that we could let our imagination flow. (Although I would have liked it if we could use different art at a time, since our ideas are limited)
    But the actual story writing makes up for it.


  2. Dear Classmates,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your stories, especially Kelvin’s Story, kind of creepy but it’s good. Also good luck to others who are trying to get their stories on the blog!

  3. Hey Mrs Francs,
    These stories are awesome and I like them all! I can’t wait for the next books to came out. Good job every one!

  4. I enjoyed reading everyone’s stories and I will be looking foward to reading weekly stories. I enjoyed using this website because it really helped me with writing stories and I loved the pictures on the website as well.

  5. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really enjoyed creating my story on Storybird. I hope we do more of these stories! 😀

  6. Hi Mrs Francis
    Good job writers, there was some good stories I read. Let’s keep writing stories and we will be better
    From Christopher

  7. Good job everyone on your story. It was well planned and it sounded like you’re an adult because of the big words you used. I hope everyone had fun writing the stories:)

  8. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Those stories were great!!! Make sure your class does more of them. Storybird is a good program! I recommend it 10/10!

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