Endangered Animals – Presentations

Below are four books which we produced.

In each are our Endangered Animals research projects.

We worked extremely hard on our projects, and as you can see each is different and unique. We hope you enjoy reading our books. We hope you understand just how important it is to maintain the delicate balance which exists in the animal kingdom. Each and every day there are animals which become vulnerable and which run the risk of becoming endangered and eventually extinct.

Can we afford to allow this to happen?

Each animal is unique and special and has an important role to play in the balance of their individual ecosystems. Lack of balance in any ecosystem, eventually leads to lack of balance in the human ecosystem. Each animal is vital in maintaining balance in its habitat and in its food chain, and ultimately in the very existence of the diverse ecosystems on our beautiful planet. 

We have been moved by the depth of damage which man has created on the earth. Each of us has the responsibility of maintaining peace and order, not least of all in the diverse habitats of our planet. 

Well done to George, David, Christine, Anton, Anna,

Jade and Julie for the work on their projects.

Well done to Long, Kelvin, Junjila, Luke, Sandra, Tina D.

and Tiffany for the work on their projects.

Well done to Travis, Tina L., Trinity, Tyson, Vien, William

and Yvonne for the work on their projects.

Well done to Christopher, Allan, Jordan, Anthony, Nikki,

and Mathew for the work on their projects.

6 thoughts on “Endangered Animals – Presentations

  1. Everyone’s Endangered Animal Project was wonderful. Everyone included the right information and presented it well in front of the class. It felt great to present to the class and I hope we do more oral presentations.


    • Thanks Anna for your positive comments. Yes, the oral presentations were done well. So were the slideshows.

  2. Dear Mrs Francis,
    These projects were fun and great to make. I hope we can do more in the future.

  3. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Everyone did a great job and I had fun telling everyone about pandas. I hope we do more oral presentations!

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I have learnt a lot from reading about these animals. It was very interesting to read as well. I think humans should save all these animals so all the animals can live happily.

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