20 thoughts on “Storybird – Artful Storytelling – Our Stories

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I love all the stories. I like all the pictures that were used in all of them, they all look so good and go well with the story. Good job everyone. 🙂

  2. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Our class doesn’t cease to amaze me, these stories were wonderful and very creative. Our class has gone a long way.


  3. Dear Mrs Francis,
    What I love about Storybird is that you get to be creative! Everyone did such a wonderful job! Congratulations to everyone!

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really enjoy reading the story bird. It was well planned and Sharna, David, Mathew, Christine and Christopher did a great job

  5. Well hello Mrs Francis,
    I am the NinjaCow and the NinjaCow greets you. Long told me he enjoyed reading the stories very much and he would definitely like to read more of these types of stories.

  6. Well hello Mrs Francis,
    I am the NinjaPig and the NinjaPig greets you. Kelvin told me he enjoyed doing the StoryBirds because it helped him learn a few different words and was fun. Kelvin said he would definitely do it again!

  7. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really enjoy reading the stories,some were funny some were sad and some were scary but I still enjoy reading them I hope we get to do more in the future.

  8. I really enjoyed the classes stories. 😀
    The stories were really interesting. I quite enjoyed storybird because we can write stories about pictures that we see and like.

  9. Hello Mrs Francis
    I want to say a big hard work to your lovely stories and those stories were fabulous.
    Nice work.
    From:Neha 5/6 MA

  10. Hi Mrs Francis! I really enjoyed reading the stories because they were interesting and I didn’t want to stop reading. I hope you post some more stories soon!

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