Maths Games

  Click on the link below to take you to some fantastic maths games.

maths zone

Try your hand at some multiplication, addition, subtraction and division games.


13 thoughts on “Maths Games

  1. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I am so glad that you put this tab up, the games are awesome and really fun to do.
    (Plus they help us with our learning)

  2. Hi Mrs Francis
    Love the maths games,I played one and it was awesome.
    Even if it is maths it is really interesting.

    From christopher

  3. These games were really fun!
    I quite enjoyed these because we did maths and played games at school 😀

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,

    These math games are so fun and it showed me how to solve problems!! I recommend all of these websites 🙂

  5. Hi Mrs Francis, these games were really fun and educational and good they really helped me and good job on the blog! It has changed so much since last year, I love the new layout!


    • Thanks Daniel for stopping by and for your positive comments. I am glad you learnt something from playing the maths games. Keep stopping by as there are a few new posts coming soon.

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