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Book Week 2015 – Swirls and Splotches

Our art activities for part of Book Week Celebrations included a dress up day.

We could come dressed as swirls and splotches.

So we decided to create a piece of artwork which included swirls and splotches.

Out of the darkness emerged the colorful swirls, and splotches.

We hope you enjoy our video displaying our artwork.

Famous Victorians – What’s Your Story – Book Week 2015

book week 2015As part of Book Week our librarian organised for the year 5/6’s to visit the Melbourne Museum and the The State Library of Victoria. When we went to the State Library of Victoria we were greeted by a teacher librarian and went over to the Workshop. There she explained that we were to pick one of 7 famous Australians (Ned Kelly, Vida Goldstein, John Batman, John Pascoe Fawkner, William Buckley, ST Gill or William Barack) and research their lives. We used Ergo to research and Animoto to create our video. In our video we had to include 3 facts, 2 questions and 1 thought.    The hour we spent there was worthwhile and we had a lot of fun.

After all that we had a tour of the State Library and found out that the Library had a 100 year-old biscuit; it was a pity that we couldn’t see it. We got to travel back in time by looking at artwork; we saw Melbourne transform from a small colony to a lively community. Another interesting fact we learnt was that Redmond Barry was the one who opened the State Library and was also the judge who sentenced Ned Kelly to death. Overall the experience was very enjoyable.

Written by Anna and Mathew

Electricity Incursion from Monash University

This week Sally, a scientist from Monash University,

came to our school to teach us about electrical circuits.

It was a fantastic, and very educational incursion.

We learnt so much and we were even able to build our own electrical circuits.

We built series and parallel circuits and discovered why the more lights there are on a series circuit, the weaker the glow.

A parallel circuit maintained the strength of the glow for each globe we added.

We especially enjoyed the part about how the aurora borealis looks in a test tube.

Did you know that a lemon and potato can actually conduct electricity?

We experimented and discovered that they do conduct electricity.

Italian Day – Michelangelo & Leonardo Da Vinci – Our Interpretations

Yesterday our entire school took part in Italian Day.

The school grounds were a bright mix of red, white and green,

representing the colors of the Italian flag.

A very busy day was planned,

starting with a special assembly,

followed by a spaghetti relay, bocce, soccer and art activities.

The gelati van also arrived providing multi-colored gelati for all the children.

We also enjoyed pizza for our lunch. 

Part of our activities in 5/6 included studying the

works of Michelangelo,

especially the Sistine Chapel paintings and

also the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

We viewed a slideshow on these pieces of art, and we also enjoyed

a virtual tour of St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.

This made it far more realistic for us.

Below is a slide show with our finished art pieces.

We took a modern day approach to the Mona Lisa.

What would she have looked like had she been painted in the 21st century?

Well, you be the judge!

Mathematics – Area, Perimeter & House Designs

Recently in our class we have been learning about area and perimeter, as well as constructing 3D objects using concrete materials and isometric paper.

After a number of different designs using blocks, we each finally came up with our own house designs.

We are now in the middle of pricing our house and land packages

and hope to present these to you very soon.

For the moment we hope you enjoy watching our slideshow

where we showcase each of our house designs.