Lego Competition

We had a relaxing afternoon in our classroom yesterday.

Our SRC organised a Lego Competition.

We paired up and worked to design a Lego creation which had moving parts.

We hope you enjoy watching our videos and our creations.

14 thoughts on “Lego Competition

  1. This was really fun to do! Anna and I both built a farm XD
    I really like everyone else’s idea. I’m also really happy that Anna and I were in the top 5! Thanks! I’d like something like this again.

  2. Using the Legos was fun and hard and I really enjoyed playing around with it, despite the fact that we made a few changes to get it working.

  3. Heyy Mrs Francis,

    I really enjoyed the afternoon and had lots of fun working with Anton and I hope we could do it again some other time. 😉

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Looking at all these lego designs really amazed me! We had limited resources but that didn’t stop everyone from making wonderful creations. It was a pity that some of these creations were put to waste because they didn’t get a winning spot but it was all very fun!
    King Regards:

  5. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I really really really really really enjoyed making these lego creations but sadly me and my partner didn’t win :c.

  6. Dear Mrs Francis
    I really liked what I saw,I wish I was there on the day but I wasn’t.
    When I watched that video the Lego, even the train that I saw first.

  7. Hi Buddies,
    We loved looking at your photos and videos. You made some amazing creations.
    Who were the winners in your class?

    From Prep Efe

  8. Hi Mrs Francis,

    Wow your students designs of lego were so good, it was kind of hard to choose
    one design. 🙂

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