Religion – Jesus the Light of the World

Our Religion topic for this term is ‘Jesus the Light of the World’.

We have been discussing what

light actually means and what darkness means.

We have looked at how Jesus is the light amidst the darkness.

We had some very interesting discussions.

Below is a video we watched which helped us

understand the topic more clearly.

We also watched the following video.

This was very enlightening, since it showed us all

how in the midst of darkness, there is always light.

We asked ourselves how we can be the light in the darkness.

How can we all be like Jesus and help those

around us come out of the darkness?

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Religion – Jesus the Light of the World

  1. This is a very meaningful word ‘Jesus the Light Of the World’. The video explained the things Jesus did and he wants all of us to do the same (Helping each other)

  2. It’s amazing how they reuse the rubbish to make instruments but it’s unfair that they only earn $1 a day working in the dump.

  3. Hi Mrs Francis,
    when we watched that video it was really inspirational. The girl Ada who played violin was amazing considering the fact that she played a violin made of rubbish from the landfill. They really made the most of their situation.

  4. Dear Mrs Francis
    The video that you showed us was very touching and spectacular,so I really liked the video and the instruments that they made were cool.

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