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Where are the chairs? – Shanghai World Expo

Absolutely beautiful but …WHERE ARE THE CHAIRS?
Are those lady musicians sitting on invisible chairs?
Apparently NOT - it's a form of YOGA. 
This is actually being done in a yoga pose known as “chair posture”.
Imagine holding this position for that long! The strength in their legs is unbelievable!
Shanghai Expo Closing Ceremony..

Body Systems – Our Research

Congratulations to all our expert groups for the professional way you presented your research.

Everyone enjoyed the quizzes and certainly learnt many new facts about the different body systems.

Below are the first presentations:

The Nervous, Muscular, Immune, Skin and Endocrine Systems.

And the Skeletal, Respiratory and Digestive Systems.

Stay tuned for the quizzes which will follow.

The Prophets and the Messiah

Below are some videos which may assist your understanding of our current RE topic

of Jesus the Light of the World, the darkness does not understand.

By looking at the Bible, we have seen that throughout the Old Testament, God sent his prophets to help prepare the way for the Messiah, God’s son Jesus.

We can especially see this in the prophecy of Isaiah as well as John the Baptist. 

The following YouTube videos will help you understand how God was preparing us.

It also helps put history into context, and helps us understand how

God always rescues us from our wrongdoings.

We hope you enjoy watching the videos.