Body Systems – Our Research

Congratulations to all our expert groups for the professional way you presented your research.

Everyone enjoyed the quizzes and certainly learnt many new facts about the different body systems.

Below are the first presentations:

The Nervous, Muscular, Immune, Skin and Endocrine Systems.

And the Skeletal, Respiratory and Digestive Systems.

Stay tuned for the quizzes which will follow.

25 thoughts on “Body Systems – Our Research

  1. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I am really proud of our group. Julie, Trinity and I were such a good group. I just hope that the rest of the class thought so as well.

    Well done everyone!


  2. What I loved most about the Expert groups was having the chance to experience being teachers of this class.

    Now I know how hard it must be to be a teacher.


  3. Dear Mrs Francis,
    My favourite part of having expert groups was that we got to learn lots of things about the system we had. I was happy with what my group and I did. I also enjoyed teaching the class about the circulatory system as well.

  4. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The thing I liked about the expert groups was that we could teach the class about our topic and even teach ourselves. It was nice to have this for our class.
    From Allan
    Allan (LordMythos/Championship Thresh)

  5. Dear Mrs Francis,
    These expert groups were fun, working together was a main part of it. It was very important to work with others because doing this yourself would take a while.

  6. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Everyone did a really fantastic job! I learnt so many facts and things by all those presentation. I really like doing the expert groups and I think it is a really marvelous idea! The most difficult thing I find is organizing the work. It is really hard work.

    Fantastic job everyone!!


  7. Dear Mrs. Francis,
    Everyone did a great job organizing/presenting their expert groups!! I hope that everyone now understands about the circulatory system :))

  8. Dear Mrs Francis
    I loved working with Anthony,Tyson and George.We are so grateful that you picked us to be the group of four because I really liked working with them.
    They helped me work really hard.
    From Chris

  9. Dear Mr Francis,
    I think doing expert groups is a great idea because we get to work with people who we never worked with before and we get to have some help.I am very happy working with Trinity and Anna because they are nice and helpful and I believe that they are great role-models!

    Julie 🙂 😉

  10. I think that working in these expert groups is really fun because you get to share you ideas about the way you present your work

  11. Hi Mrs Francis,

    I’m really happy about our group Travis and Sharna and all the other groups ^_^ I learnt so many facts from every group! Great work everyone!~

    • Thank you Samantha for stopping by and for your positive comment. Yes, everyone worked well and enjoyed researching and presenting their chosen body system.

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