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We all came from different classes to commence our 2016 school year.

It takes a while to get to know each other and to make new friends.

Part of starting the new year always involves getting to know you activities.

One of our activities was to try and guess who some of our new class members were.

So, we completed ‘BIOGLYPHS’.

We used pictures and symbols as clues to who we were.

For example, the shape of the head told us if it was a boy or girl.

The number of freckles, told us our birth date.

The shape of our ears told us if we had a brother or sister.

And there were many more symbols used.

Below are our finished bioglyphs.

Do you think you can work out who is who?

Safer Internet Day 2016

On Tuesday the 9th February, our school participated in the Safer Internet Day.

We watched safety videos and discussed the different ways of staying safe online.

Watch some of the videos below on how to stay safe online.

We also took part in a competition to design a Superhero poster.

Congratulation Khanh for winning the Internet Safety Day Superhero competition.