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Year of Mercy

2016 has been declared the Year of Mercy by Pope Francis.

The Year of Mercy is about showing Universal Pardon and Reconciliation.

In class we discussed the ways each of us can demonstrate

mercy, compassion and forgiveness to those around us.

What does it mean to show mercy?

Mercy means to show compassion

(sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others)

And forgiveness (pardoning someone) towards others

Showing mercy towards someone will

  • Give them hope to look to the future.
  • Make them feel welcome
  • Create a welcoming community
  • Mean we are living out the Gospel values
  • Mean we are living out the message of Jesus

Watch the YouTube video below.

What better example is there about showing forgiveness,

than the parable of the Forgiving Father?

What makes a visible learner?

This term we have spent some time discussing and thinking

about what makes a visible learner.

We discussed the question in small groups,

then we all contributed to coming up with some visible learning behaviors.

We then each designed our own slide to show what being a

visible learner and thinker means to us.

Below is a presentation of our work and thoughts.