What makes a visible learner?

This term we have spent some time discussing and thinking

about what makes a visible learner.

We discussed the question in small groups,

then we all contributed to coming up with some visible learning behaviors.

We then each designed our own slide to show what being a

visible learner and thinker means to us.

Below is a presentation of our work and thoughts.

2 thoughts on “What makes a visible learner?

  1. Hi Buddies,
    How are you? How were your holidays? We have also been learning about being a good learner. We made our own class poster about being good learners. You have been working very hard. We hope you have lots of fun on camp.
    From Prep Efe

    • Thank you Prep Efe for visiting our blog. We had a wonderful holiday and we hope you all did too. We are going on camp next week and we are really looking forward to telling you all about it when we come back.

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