Sovereign Hill Camp

Well everyone, we finally made it!

An entire term studying the gold rush helped give us a rich,

rewarding experience at camp.

Below are our thoughts on our camp experiences. 

There are also sample photos of the great activities we participated in whilst on camp.

We hope you enjoy watching the following videos.

We were also involved in art activities to re-create what life

may have been like on the gold fields.

We created paintings and added pictures of people and items used on the diggings. 

We also had to re-create a model of items of the 1850’s.

We hope you enjoy watching the video of our completed work.


17 thoughts on “Sovereign Hill Camp

  1. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Camp was really fun. I still remember it like it was yesterday. We did so much as well. I’m really glad that we went to camp because it is probably the best experience I ever had at school.
    From Jason Luong

  2. That day was my best day of the the year,I will never forget that day. Mrs Francis that day was like a dream come true

  3. I hope everyone had an AWESOME time there;I had a magnificent time there, especially school – that was the best.

  4. These videos are SPECTACULAR!!!
    I had so much fun at Sovereign Hill, I wish I could go there one more time.

    By : Caitlin 😀

  5. My trip to Sovereign Hill will be in my memory even if I go to Phillip Island I will never forget Sovereign Hill

  6. I had lots of fun while on camp.It actually felt like when we were in the 1850s. My favorite thing while on camp was probably the cabins because we had lots of free time.I also liked going to the bowling alley. It was different than it is today.I had two turns and I did very well.
    From Tony

  7. Dear Mrs Francis,
    It is amazing how you put all those artworks into videos. I had lots of fun making them as well, I sometimes wish we could do more art if we had the time. It’s okay though, I bet that everyone enjoyed the art activities in the class.

  8. Wow those Anzac pictures look great! And making those pictures was quite hard to do but in the end it was a success. I highly recommend others doing this activity.

  9. Going to camp was a lot of fun!! I wish I could go there again. The models and paintings look very appealing.

  10. Dear Mrs. Francis,
    I really enjoyed camp and I loved that you made multiple posts involving camp. (Even though I already knew you’d do)
    Sorry I haven’t been commenting either…. XD
    I really wish I could do it again! XD XD XD

  11. Hi Buddies,
    We looked at all of your camp photos and they looked amazing. We wish we could have come too. Did you have a lot of fun? What was your favourite activity?
    From Prep Efe

  12. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Camp was amazing!This was my first camp ever! My favorite part is dressing up but the dress felt uncomfortable. Camp made me feel excited because I got to hang out with my friends more and make new friends at school. 🙂

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