We were very fortunate again this year to have Lydia from the

Monash Science Centre visit our school to teach us about how the earth moves.

Her presentations are always so informative, interesting and educational.

We learnt so much about the earth.

She explained about the layers of the earth, about natural disasters

and particularly, about earthquakes and volcanoes.

We conducted some experiments which helped us to understand

what is going on underneath the Earth’s crust.

It helped us to understand the movement of Tectonic Plates,

and how rock consistently heat, melts, cools and solidifies.

These hands-on activities were enjoyed by all and

they helped consolidate our knowledge on how the earth really does move.

Our first activity was to understand how magma moves just below the crust.

We then experimented with some ‘oobleck’; this was so much fun.

It helped us understand how the earth’s core is solid, and yet how the magma is liquid.

Great stuff!

Our final hands-on activity was to create a volcanic eruption in a plastic bottle.


Watch the videos below to find out just what we did.

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