Last week our 5/6 students went on camp to Phillip Island as part of our Inquiry Learning.

Below is some of the artwork we created when we returned.

One of our activities was to see the penguins coming in.

We used paint for our background and then created origami penguins and birds.

We hope you enjoy our creations.

Pointillism Art

Last term we looked at some pointillism art. The pointillism technique was first used to describe the work of French artist Georges Seurat. Seurat, along with fellow artist Paul Signac, was inspired by the Impressionist paintings of the day. Seurat began to paint using small, distinct dots — points — of pure color. Below is one of Seurat’s paintings.

We first began to experiment with mixing colours by dividing a circle into six sections. In each alternate section we used the primary colors  -red, blue and yellow – and filled each with dots. We then filled the empty section with the two adjoining colours, to create the illusion of a new colour.

So, for example, we combined red dots and blue dots to create the impression that the colour was purple. We then used yellow and blue dots to create the impression that the colour was green. In the last section we used yellow and red dots to create the impression that the colour was orange.  

Here are some examples of our circle dots:






We then attempted our own version of a dot painting.

We had free choice of our subject matter.

Below are our results.


Notan is a Japanese word meaning the balance between dark and light.

It is also an art form involving paper cutting and positive and negative shapes.

The Japanese artists begin with black and white paper and cut out shapes and lines to create a unique design, but we looked at the colour wheel and chose to complete our Notan art using contrasting and analogous colours.

Below is a video of our finished work.

Art Show – 2016

Congratulations everyone on a job well done!


Your artwork was amazing and was well received

by all the visitors to the show.

Congratulations to Kenly and Kris for being the class winners.

Congratulations to Caitlin and Alexander for your highly commended awards.

You should all be feeling very proud of yourselves for a job well done.

Below is a video of the final pieces of art which you completed.

Art Show – Iris Folding

We recently held our Art Show for 2016.

One of our pieces of art was Iris Folding.

This was quite complicated because it involved carefully folding strips of paper.

Then we had to sticky tape each strip around our template. 

Watch the video below to see our completed works of art.



Our 3D art pieces for the 2016 art show were three ceramic masks.

The theme of these masks was Super Heroes.

We used our imagination and created some well known super heroes,

as well as some not so well known.

Some of us even created our very own super heroes.

Once finished we mounted them on wooden blocks and dowel.

We hope you enjoy watching our video.

Mathematics and Art – 3D shapes – Cubism art


Part of our art experiences this week included Cubism art – well at least our version of it!!

Our mathematics topic this week has been Geometric shapes and their nets. 

We completed two activities on this topic. Both were fun activities.

We hope you enjoy our artwork!


Sovereign Hill Camp

Well everyone, we finally made it!

An entire term studying the gold rush helped give us a rich,

rewarding experience at camp.

Below are our thoughts on our camp experiences. 

There are also sample photos of the great activities we participated in whilst on camp.

We hope you enjoy watching the following videos.

We were also involved in art activities to re-create what life

may have been like on the gold fields.

We created paintings and added pictures of people and items used on the diggings. 

We also had to re-create a model of items of the 1850’s.

We hope you enjoy watching the video of our completed work.



We all came from different classes to commence our 2016 school year.

It takes a while to get to know each other and to make new friends.

Part of starting the new year always involves getting to know you activities.

One of our activities was to try and guess who some of our new class members were.

So, we completed ‘BIOGLYPHS’.

We used pictures and symbols as clues to who we were.

For example, the shape of the head told us if it was a boy or girl.

The number of freckles, told us our birth date.

The shape of our ears told us if we had a brother or sister.

And there were many more symbols used.

Below are our finished bioglyphs.

Do you think you can work out who is who?