Lego Competition

We had a relaxing afternoon in our classroom yesterday.

Our SRC organised a Lego Competition.

We paired up and worked to design a Lego creation which had moving parts.

We hope you enjoy watching our videos and our creations.

Book Week 2015 – Swirls and Splotches

Our art activities for part of Book Week Celebrations included a dress up day.

We could come dressed as swirls and splotches.

So we decided to create a piece of artwork which included swirls and splotches.

Out of the darkness emerged the colorful swirls, and splotches.

We hope you enjoy our video displaying our artwork.

Italian Day – Michelangelo & Leonardo Da Vinci – Our Interpretations

Yesterday our entire school took part in Italian Day.

The school grounds were a bright mix of red, white and green,

representing the colors of the Italian flag.

A very busy day was planned,

starting with a special assembly,

followed by a spaghetti relay, bocce, soccer and art activities.

The gelati van also arrived providing multi-colored gelati for all the children.

We also enjoyed pizza for our lunch. 

Part of our activities in 5/6 included studying the

works of Michelangelo,

especially the Sistine Chapel paintings and

also the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

We viewed a slideshow on these pieces of art, and we also enjoyed

a virtual tour of St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel.

This made it far more realistic for us.

Below is a slide show with our finished art pieces.

We took a modern day approach to the Mona Lisa.

What would she have looked like had she been painted in the 21st century?

Well, you be the judge!

Australian Animals – Charcoal Sketches

Congratulations 5/6 Francis!

What a great effort from all of you on the charcoal sketches this week!

Your Australian animal charcoal sketches look fantastic!

What do you think?

Make sure you leave an encouraging comment for your fellow classmates.

Anzac Day Soldier Silhouette – Reflecting Images

As part of our Anzac Day study, we completed a mathematics and art activity.

We had to design the silhouette of an Anzac soldier.

We then had to reflect (flip) our image and paste it down.

This was much harder than we thought it would be.

Here is a slideshow of our finished work.

We hope you enjoy watching our slideshow.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

Anzac Day 2015 – Anzac Soldier sketches

This year we commemorate the

centenary of the Gallipoli campaign.

Our unit of study for the first two weeks of this term

centered around the Anzacs and

why we commemorate them.

Our Integrated Studies unit was incorporated

with maths and art.

Here is a presentation of our efforts to enlarge

a picture of an Anzac soldier.

We hope you enjoy our Flip Book of our Artwork.


Below are some of our Glyphs, which we created early this term.

We were still getting to know each other.

How well can you match the glyphs to the children in our class?

Australian Prime Ministers – Caricatures!

This week, we have been looking at Australian Prime Ministers.

So we decided to look at different artists and cartoonists for some inspiration for our artwork.

We gratefully acknowledge and thank the many talented cartoonists

for their inspiration on which our artwork is based.

Mathematics: Reflection, Translation, Rotation,Tessellating Patterns & Perspective!

We have recently completed our study of

Reflection, Translation and Rotation in Mathematics.

Or in other words, flip, slide, turn!

We also designed tessellating patterns and perspectives!

Here are some of our efforts.

This unit was a lot of fun and enjoyed by all.

We hope you enjoy watching our videos! Please feel free to leave a comment!