The Piano – Animation by Aidan Gibbons, Music by Yann Tiersen

The Piano – Amazing Animation by Aidan Gibbons, Music by Yann Tiersen

We acknowledge and thank Aidan Gibbons and Yann Tiersen for this wonderful and amazing animation.

As part of our RE unit this term on New Beginnings,

we watched the above animation called the Piano.

It fitted in well with our discussion of memories, and losing people we love.

As part of Literacy, and RE, we wrote narratives based on the animation.

We enjoyed writing our short stories, and we hope you enjoy reading some of the finished pieces. 

Please feel free to leave a comment.

Who were the ANZACS and why do we commemorate them?

As part of our study of the Anzacs, we were required to create either a poem,

or a letter which included what we had learnt from our research.

As we complete our work we will upload it to our blog.

Here is our first published poem and letter.

Congratulations Anna on a beautifully written poem, 

and to Tina L. for a sensitively written letter. Well done!

We hope you enjoy reading them.

Congratulations to Jade, Christine, Mathew and  Tina L.,

for their fantastic PowerPoint creations about Anzac Day.

Well done everyone!



2015 Poetry – I am

This term in our class we wrote “I am” poems.

We have not included our names on these poems,

because many of us wrote about some very real personal feelings.

We hope you enjoy reading them, as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Feel free to leave your comments.

We have included the slide show in three parts,

for those of you who have difficulty opening the full slide show.

Hopefully this will open more quickly than the previous one.

Please be patient as the slide shows load



Our thanks to Karl Tyson for this very cute video “Polar Opposites”. 

The characters have so much personality, and they certainly teach us a lesson.

Practice and patience certainly pay off, as does lending a helping hand.

What did you think about these cute characters?

How would you behave in a similar situation?

Would you do something special for a friend who is feeling down,

without expecting thanks?

VOKI STORY OF THE WEEK – Aaron, Samantha, Kimi and Kevin

Congratulations to

Aaron, Samantha, Kimi and Kevin!

Your stories have made it to

Voki Story of the Week!

We hope you enjoy listening to

Aaron, Samantha, Kimi and Kevin’s short stories.

Again, please wait for the Voki to load, since it may be slow.



VOKI STORY OF THE WEEK – Christine, Tommy, Vincent and Shenell

Congratulations to

Christine, Tommy, Vincent and Shenell!

Your stories have made it to

Voki Story of the Week!

We hope you enjoy listening to

Christine, Tommy, Vincent and Shenell’s short stories.

Again, please wait for the Voki to load, since it may be slow.



Melbourne Museum – Excursion


Today we had the privilege of going to the Melbourne Museum. Our librarian organised our excursion as part of our Book Week activities. We were able to take the i-pads to capture our journey. The purpose of our journey was to learn about Australian History, so the First People’s exhibit was perfect. Here we learnt about Indigenous Australians – their history, customs, culture and artwork! We were so excited. From there we moved to the Forest Gallery, where we saw nature at its very best, viewing many small bugs, insects and birds in their natural habitat. Our next stop was the Science and Life gallery where we viewed dinosaurs, bugs, underwater creatures and animals in the wild.  This was very interesting and certainly captured our imagination. We also saw the Dynamic Earth exhibit. We put on our 3-D glasses and were transported to a land of earthquakes and underwater eruptions. We really enjoyed this exhibit. Our final stop was the Melbourne Story gallery. Here we were able to relive the history of Melbourne, and it brought back much of what we had studied in Term One. It was an enjoyable and very educational day.

Excursion to the Melbourne Museum on PhotoPeach

What do you think? What was the best part of today’s excursion?

What were two new things you discovered today?

Write back and tell me. I would love to hear your thoughts.

MIA Animation Film: ‘The Catch’. Directors: Scott McWhinnie and Josh Carroll

This story comes courtesy of MIA Animation, and we thank them for providing this excellent short movie to help us with our Visual Literacy and Creative Writing. ‘The Catch’ is a senior year project directed by Scott McWhinnie and Josh Carroll from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota. “The Catch” is about a young fisherman’s encounter with a fox that leads to an unexpected journey of discovery. It is a journey of discovery which leads to the young fisherman being able to hold his head up high….

We hope you enjoy watching this short film.