Welcome back everyone to our final term for the year.

Our computer lesson in our first week

saw us being very creative.

We had lots of fun creating our avatars

and adding backgrounds.

Watch the slideshow and see what you think.


Mathematics – Area, Perimeter & House Designs

Recently in our class we have been learning about area and perimeter, as well as constructing 3D objects using concrete materials and isometric paper.

After a number of different designs using blocks, we each finally came up with our own house designs.

We are now in the middle of pricing our house and land packages

and hope to present these to you very soon.

For the moment we hope you enjoy watching our slideshow

where we showcase each of our house designs.

Maths Games

  Click on the link below to take you to some fantastic maths games.

maths zone

Try your hand at some multiplication, addition, subtraction and division games.


Perimeter and Area of rectangles, triangles and circles

 As we continue our study of Area and Perimeter

I thought I would include some of the following activities

which may assist you to remember how to work out

the area of regular and irregular rectangles,

as well as triangles and circles.

Try playing the following game to work out the area and perimeter of some regular shapes.

Maths playground – area and perimeter

maths zone


Elements of a Circle (1)

Elements of a Circle (2)


Anzac Day Soldier Silhouette – Reflecting Images

As part of our Anzac Day study, we completed a mathematics and art activity.

We had to design the silhouette of an Anzac soldier.

We then had to reflect (flip) our image and paste it down.

This was much harder than we thought it would be.

Here is a slideshow of our finished work.

We hope you enjoy watching our slideshow.

Please feel free to leave a comment.

Anzac Day 2015 – Anzac Soldier sketches

This year we commemorate the

centenary of the Gallipoli campaign.

Our unit of study for the first two weeks of this term

centered around the Anzacs and

why we commemorate them.

Our Integrated Studies unit was incorporated

with maths and art.

Here is a presentation of our efforts to enlarge

a picture of an Anzac soldier.

We hope you enjoy our Flip Book of our Artwork.

Mathematics – Problem Solving Puzzles

Recently we had an afternoon of maths puzzles and games during our maths class.

Here are some of our games.

One was called Monster Madness.  

We had to know our times tables in order to move around the game board

and outwit our partner by getting four in a row.

It wasn’t as easy as we thought!

Another game was to get four in a row using addition and multiplication.

The Magic Hexagon was very challenging.

We had to place the numbers 1-12 around the hexagon,

but each side had to add up to the same number. It was very challenging!

A great afternoon was had by all. 

20150212_122329 20150212_122338


Here are some more puzzles to test you!

We acknowledge and thank Subtangent Maths for the use of these starters.

maths puzzle which number

maths puzzle to 12

number wheel

Remembrance Day Ceramic Poppies – Maths Problem Solving

This week saw us commemorating Remembrance Day.

Well done everyone for your hard work and for your thoughtful discussion

on Remembrance Day.

I thought I would add the following videos.

What do you think about the magnificent display of

ceramic poppies at the Tower of London?

The video should help you understand the amount of work

which went into making these poppies.

Did you realize that they were all hand made?

See if you can solve the mathematics problems on the next video.

Don’t scroll forward until you have worked out the answer!!

We acknowledge and thank  Theresa Young  for sharing this brilliant

‘Place Value’ presentation based on the First World War.

Please be patient since Prezi has to fully load before you can use it.

Maths Problem Solving – Challenges!

Can you solve these puzzles?





What symbol should come next in the sequence? 

find the path

Can you solve this riddle?

It is able, but not capable.
It can stop, but not go.
It is dead, but not yet perished.
It’s a ghost, but not paranormal.

Is it high, or is it low?

We acknowledge and thank the Numeracy Shed
as well as all contributors for these puzzles.