Life Education Van

Last week our school was privileged to have the Life Education Van visit our school.

Each class was able to enter the van and participate in a one hour lesson about different life skills.

The 5/6’s learnt about decision making and consequences. We also learnt that we need to be well informed and educated before we are able to make informed decisions.


We learnt about Drug education, where we had to classify legal and illegal drugs. This was certainly an eye opener, because we learnt about energy drinks and the amount of caffeine in them. Some drugs fell in the legal medical field, even though they are normally illegal. One example of this was medical and illegal marijuana.  Foods which contain caffeine, also included chocolate and coffee. We learnt about alcohol, which is legal to people over 18 years of age and the effects that it has on the body.

We discussed just what effects cigarettes and alcohol have on the body and exactly which parts of the body are affected.

At the end of the session we got to meet Harold, the mascot for Life ed. He was really cute!!

Where are the chairs? – Shanghai World Expo

Absolutely beautiful but …WHERE ARE THE CHAIRS?
Are those lady musicians sitting on invisible chairs?
Apparently NOT - it's a form of YOGA. 
This is actually being done in a yoga pose known as “chair posture”.
Imagine holding this position for that long! The strength in their legs is unbelievable!
Shanghai Expo Closing Ceremony..

Body Systems – Our Research

Congratulations to all our expert groups for the professional way you presented your research.

Everyone enjoyed the quizzes and certainly learnt many new facts about the different body systems.

Below are the first presentations:

The Nervous, Muscular, Immune, Skin and Endocrine Systems.

And the Skeletal, Respiratory and Digestive Systems.

Stay tuned for the quizzes which will follow.

Plant and Body Systems

Our Integrated Unit this term is Plant and Body Systems.

Our study of plant systems included

learning about the different parts of a plant,

as well as learning about how different flowers reproduce. 

We enjoyed learning about plants. 

We even dissected flowers and sketched them.

We had to sketch flowers and then also complete an art activity on still life.

We hope you enjoy looking at our artwork.

 We are now well on our way with our body systems research and our expert groups.

Below are two videos – the digestive system and the skeletal system.

We hope you enjoy watching them.

Click on the link below to take you

to some fantastic information on the different body systems.

Study Jams