HOMEWORK: Term 2 Week 10

Hi everyone,

Here is your homework for this week:

MONDAY (23rd June):

1. Write out your spelling words two times, then in alphabetical order.

2. Get onto the blog and go to Story Starters. From there, push the spinners and choose your writing topic. You need to write a short paragraph on your topic. Be sure to make it interesting!

3. You can email me with your response, or leave it as a comment, or print your work and paste it into your homework book for me to correct tomorrow.  Happy writing!

4. Don’t forget to read for 15-20 minutes and complete any Lexile quizzes if you need to.

TUESDAY (24th June):

1. Get onto the blog and go to Zip Tales.

2. From there log into the website with the username and password given to you at school.

3. Go to “Extending Literacy 3-6”.

4. Now, go to PEOPLE stories and wait for it to load.

5. Then choose “Don’t Mess with Jess” and listen to the story or read it yourself.

6. Complete the “Fill the gaps” and “Multiple Choice”.

7. Check your score for both quizzes and write them in your homework book.

8. Now write a short summary about the story (about 5- 10 lines). Answer these questions:

                    Was there a moral to the story?    Was there a message?    What did you think of the story?

9. Don’t forget to read for 15-20 minutes and complete any Lexile quizzes if you need to.

WEDNESDAY (25th June):

Go onto Study Ladder and log on using your Username and password.

Go to set tasks and complete ONE of the set tasks involving ADDING DECIMALS and ONE of the set tasks involving SUBTRACTING DECIMALS.

You MUST write the sums in your book and then work them out. You can correct your work as you complete the games.  Be careful! Watch out where you put the decimal point! Happy calculating!

THURSDAY (26th June):

1. Reading 15-20 minutes and complete any Lexile quizzes if you need to.

2. Write what you think the best thing about this term has been. Also, what do you think about having the homework on the blog? Do you think it is easier, and so no excuses for forgetting what to do?

Don’t forget to have your diary signed each night.


28 thoughts on “HOMEWORK: Term 2 Week 10

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,

    I did the homework activity the first one I was better at but the second one I had a lot of mistakes.

    • Thanks Samantha. That’s OK if you made some mistakes. We will look at it tomorrow and work out why you made some mistakes.

  2. Hi Mrs Francis
    This term I enjoyed doing maths. But not only that. I enjoy having you as a teacher at school. All the things you did were interesting and fun. I enjoyed camp a lot. The topics for Integrated Studies are really good.
    Homework on the blog is ok.. I guess. What if the internet runs out? It would be hard to see what to do. Just telling you that the HW in class is a better idea. If I went on the blog and saw the HW, It wouldn’t waste time explaining when you can see it on the blog!

  3. Dear Mrs Francis,
    The best part of this term is learning about Outer Space and our solar system! It’s so interesting learning about planets because we can get more information on what is happening in our universe.
    The part that I was sad about is that we didn’t get to go to the Planetarium.
    But At least this term was a BLAST!

    The homework thing on the blog is a really good way to make us not forget to bring our homework book to school. No students should say that they couldn’t do their homework unless they have a really good excuse- unless it has to do with anything really bad with your family or something like that.

  4. Hi Mrs Francis the homework on the blog actually helps; I know that if I forget I can also check on the blog. If I don’t have my homework book I can do it on a piece of paper and then glue it into my homework book in the morning. The best thing about this term is probably camp because it felt like you could be a child from the 1850s. From that experience I learnt a lot about gold and how it used to be in the 1850’s; this term has been great!!!!

  5. The best thing this term for me was the free day I enjoyed it a lot. I also think the homework on the blog is really great, as it stops people from giving excuses for no homework.

  6. Dear Mrs.Francis

    The best thing about homework on the blog is that it’s easier for and then we won’t forget what to do:)

  7. This term has been a great term. We got to learn about space and planets. Some classmates who have trouble with Maths, have learnt a lot this term.
    I think having homework on the blog is easy for me, but it is hard to get into it because of the slow internet. 🙁

  8. Dear Mrs Francis

    I have really enjoyed this term I have had a great time and also I got to spend so much time with my friends.But the best thing this term was learning about Space and all the questions that we were eager to learn the answers to. Now that we are doing our space newspapers and space projects I have learnt so much about our place in space and what surrounds us.The new way that you are giving us our homework is great hopefully not many people are not going to forget their homework any more.I think that you should use this way next term too.

  9. Hi Mrs Francis!! I think the best thing about this term is having fun with my classmates. For example … Free day! That is one of the things that makes me smile!! Fun! Socialising!

  10. Hey mrs Francis

    I really like story makers because I love writing stories. The things I liked doing this term was story maker, space projects, rugby league, shaving cream art, doing surveys, making graphs, circle art and 3D paintings.

  11. Hello Mrs Francis,
    This year is a great year because we have lots of projects, group activities, blogging and socialising with my classmates. The thing about having homework on the blog is that it is a good idea but my internet connection isn’t really good because it cuts off every 10 minutes! It maybe be for no excuses? But Who really knows what’s going to happen in term 3.Happy holidays to all!

  12. Dear Mrs Francis,

    I think it is a good a idea to put our homework on our blog but some people’s internet my break down so there are reason against and for about putting our homework on the blog. That is what i think about putting our homework on our blog.

  13. Dear Mrs Francis,

    I think it is a great idea to have homework written onto the blog because, for people like me, having a short memory, I might need it or else I might forget it in a matter of time then they could always go on the blog to check. Also if we go visit the blog for our homework, we can visit the other new things that you put on like puzzles and old crafts that we did in the beginning of the year! I love visiting the blog to see what we have done during the year 😉

  14. Hi Mrs Francis,

    It finally worked ok. I am going to say the same thing .My favourite part is visiting your blog and playing on mathletics. I think homework on the blog is good because if you don’t know it you can go on the blog.

  15. Dear, Mrs Francis

    I liked doing the projects because they were interesting we got to learn a lot of things. I also think that homework on the blog is a very good idea because people won’t have excuses for not doing homework unless their internet stops working.

  16. Hi Mrs Francis,

    The best thing about this term is camp and free day.It’s ok to put the homework on the blog and it is a lot easier and there won’t be a lot of excuses.

  17. Hi Mrs Francis~

    I like when you combine maths work with artwork. They were fun to do. With the homework on the blog, I think it’s a great idea because then people wouldn’t have any excuses for not doing their homework.

  18. Hello Mrs Francis. The homework for this term was very hard and very mean and I kept on forgetting what to do like, this comment I was supposed to do. I know I was supposed to do this last night but I didn’t do it. But I did it now so are you proud of me + I will try to be awesome for my next homework piece for next term.

  19. Dear Mrs Francis

    I think the homework blog is very good because if you forget your homework you can go onto the homework place and see the homework. Thanks Mrs Francis.

  20. Hi Mrs Francis,
    This term has had a great start to it. I enjoyed the Integrated Studies topic because I’m interested in Space and the many wonders that surrounds it. Some of the best highlights of this term was camp because we were able to spend more time with our friends and learn about the past. The way our homework may be set out is a great idea because then there will be no excuses and perhaps preparing us for the future.

  21. Hello Mrs Francis,
    The thing that I enjoyed this semester is doing projects because in your project you have to research and if I research I get to learn more things that I didn’t know before. I think the homework on the blog is a good thing because your parents can go on there and they know what you need to do, then they can tell you to do it if you don’t do your homework. They also can’t have excuses.

  22. Hi Mrs Francis
    I’ll try to see if I can do the homework while I’m in Vietnam because I only have internet for a week and I don’t think I will be able to do much but I’ll try. I hope you are all doing well and have a great holiday.

    • Thanks for letting me know Kuroi. Don’t worry, try to do what you can. I know that you can always catch up. I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays and I am certainly looking forward to my holidays. See you back at school. Enjoy and relax while you can!

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