HOMEWORK TERM 3 Weeks 1-10

Hi everyone,
Here is your homework for Term 3:

You can go to MENU above –
click on HOMEWORK then click on HOMEWORK TERM 3 Weeks 1-10.
Follow all the links on the homework page to complete the homework.
Each week’s homework will be added to this page.

You just need to click on the relevant week.


59 thoughts on “HOMEWORK TERM 3 Weeks 1-10

  1. Hi Mrs Francis
    About the homework, the voki where we have to type in our story, I used that for my first voki and it says I can’t edit it. What do I do?

    • Hi Kuroi, I have just reset your first Voki, so you should be able to get into it now. If not, see me tomorrow.

  2. Dear Mrs Francis,
    I wanted to ask a question about homework.
    Can the paragraph be done in the Voki website? I want to do the paragraph as a story.

    • Yes Jordan, you can type your Voki directly on the Voki page (in the text to speech section) like we practised in our introduction Voki. Listen to it, and make sure it makes sense, and that the commas are in the right places. Remember, there is a limit to the number of words, so you have to be very succinct when telling your story.

    • Yes Jordan, you certainly can. That’s the whole idea of it! Just think carefully about the words you use in your story, because there is a limit. So be succinct! (In other words, don’t waffle!!)

  3. Greetings Mrs Francis,
    If you approved my voki for tonight’s homework so how can I do my week 2 Monday homework! Just for suggestion I think that don’t approve any but comment because the ones which is been approved is being blocked so we can’t do our work. Since I can’t do so I will do it in my book,ok?

    • Julie thanks for your comment. I just reset your first Voki, so you can do it. If that is a problem, yes, complete it in your book, then at school you can type it in the Voki, and therefore you will be in the running to make it to Voki story of the Week!

  4. Hi Mrs. Francis:)
    I went on Ziptales and I logged on, clicked on ‘Yucky Tales’ & it said ‘File cannot open’. Do you know anything about this error that I can try?

    • Kelly have you put in the correct username and password? If it doesn’t work, I will speak to your tomorrow.

  5. Hi Mrs Francis,
    The homework for Wednesday(Maths(Slide 7)) I don’t know how to show the working out for those questions. So do i have to show my working out?

    • If you can ‘N’ – show me how you got your answer on the word problem page. The fractions page, just write the equivalent fractions. Hope that makes sense.

  6. Hi Mrs.Francis,
    Can you please please put more tests on my Mathletics; it’s so so so much fun to do and some are very challenging. If you could, that would be wonderful 🙂

    From Kimi

  7. Hi Mrs.Francis I have finished all my tests; if you don’t mind, can you double please set more tests for me on mathletic if you can do that it would be awesome! 🙂

  8. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I needed to ask what color you like because I’m making something so I wanted to make sure what color you like.

  9. Dear Mrs Francis,
    Apparently what my Voki said was better than my poster. Much of the information was not on my poster. So, do I do my poster again with better information?

    • Jordan, your poster was supposed to show your research on your Sacrament. The VOKI was a summary of what you learnt about your Sacrament, including signs, symbols, rituals and gestures. Also you had to include why Catholics celebrate the Sacrament. Your poster had to include this, as well as a Scriptural reference for your Sacrament and also a bibliography. The VOKI is very limited in what you can say, because of the restriction on the number of characters you can use. Don’t worry about repeating the poster. I still need to look at it and then I will let you know.

  10. Hi Mrs Francis, I’d like to tell you that you made a few mistakes with the letters a), b), c) etc from the Week 5 Wednesday’s homework. You made the mistake starting with part A for the letter b). You typed it twice.

    • Just complete it on one of the other assignments which says “Story writing longer story”. You should still have two extras, but I will also add another one for you. Thanks.

  11. How about you copy it and paste it into a word document so at least you have the story and I will check it tomorrow.

  12. Hey Tommy, don’t worry if you don’t have your homework book, just do it on a loose leaf piece of paper, then we can paste it into your homework book tomorrow. Don’t you think that might be a better idea than not doing it at all?

  13. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Umm, what happens if I already did my study ladder set task already? Because I finished it on Monday already. So what should I do?
    Re Do IT or don’t have to don’t it and continue with my name/tessellations/drama?

    • Well Julie, you have already completed it so do the maths homework for tonight unless you have already done that. Talk tomorrow.

  14. Hi Mrs. Francis. I was wondering whether we do Monday’s Voki homework on a random topic. Is it ok because you didn’t put a topic for it? Oh, and can I please do Tuesday’s homework today so that tomorrow I can do Wednesday’s & Thursday’s homework? It’s because I have to prepare for the play and I’m worried that I don’t have time for it. I just want to finish all the homework so that I won’t worry about it anymore. Thanks a whole bunch!

    • Don’t stress so much Kelly. I know you are working hard on the play. Do as much as you can.And yes, just choose an empty VOKI assignment for complete tonight’s homework.

  15. Healthy eating & healthy habits homework: I have learnt a lot about healthy eating. I learnt that you need to have a balance of carbohydrates, protein and vegetables. I also learnt that if you eat healthy food, you will also become happier which means that you will think more positively. One of my healthy habits is that I eat noodles less often. I only eat it once a week now. Instead of eating beef with noodles, I eat eggs with noodles.

  16. Linh, if you read the homework sheet again, it actually says, choose the words which you found difficult from each group of list words. Hope that makes sense.

  17. Yes you just at this stage you need to think about which Saint you want to research. Everyone in the class will be researching a Saint.

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