11 thoughts on “Homework – Term 3 Weeks 1-10

    • I’m not sure why it’s not working for you Samantha. It is working for others in the class. Your homework is what we discussed in class today. Choose 10 words from each of the topics and write them out once. Then choose either dictionary meanings or alphabetical order for at least ten of the words. Write a paragraph using your healthy living words.

  1. Once there was a unpopular inventor whose name was Tommy. One day Tommy was walking down the street. He would always eat Thai food on Wednesday and his favourite place was on the corner at the end of the street. So he walked in, but as he was walking in, he saw a frog. He picked it up and put it into a jar, bought his Thai food and went home. When he was at home he opened the jar and the frog looked at him and he said, “Yo!” Tommy almost fainted. He picked it up and said, “You’re, you’re taaallkkinnng!” Then he ran to the government to tell them about a talking frog. They were so please that they exchanged the frog for the money. Tommy went away very happy.

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