34 thoughts on “HOMEWORK TERM 4 WEEKS 1-10

  1. Mrs. Francis, you know how we have to research about our chosen Saint yeah?… Do you know a Good, and an appropiate website that we can use to research about a Site πŸ™‚

    • Linh, You’re welcome. Also check out the blog because I have just posted something new regarding saints. Follow those links as well.

  2. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Do you know how we have to research about democracy today yeah .. I didn’t bring home my Integrated Studies book so can I do it in my homework book and copy it into my Integrated Studies book tomorrow in the morning maybe??

  3. Hi Mrs Francis

    For today’s homework it says you need your integrated studies book and i don’t have it so can I do it in my homework book?

  4. Linh, just research what some of a Prime Minister’s jobs might be. But also, YOU are the Prime Minister, so YOU decide what YOU would do, not our current Prime Minister. Are there any things you would like to see changed as regards schools, and children, for example?

  5. Tien you need to write it in your homework book and tell me about some things that you would “fix”, or change, or make better for certain groups in society. Get the idea?

  6. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I really think that our excursion to the Parliament House and the law court was probably the most special excursion planned yet. We were able to sit in the Lower House and the Upper House’ chairs, which is a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME thing .. WE ARE THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE YET, I could say .. πŸ™‚ .. I HOPE THAT OUR FUTURE STUDENTS WILL BE ABLE TO GO THERE SOMEDAY ..

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the excursion today. It was special that we could sit in the ministers’ seats. I also think the courtroom drama was fantastic and everyone did a great job in acting out Ned Kelly trial.

    • It all depends on whether you are going to hold another ministerial position. And also just in case you are called upon, you need to be able to reply to the question.

  7. Hi Mrs Francis,
    Did you know that there were two horses that died after the racing for the Melbourne Cup? There was one that died because it was in its barrier thingy, it was really scared for some reason and it kicked the barrier fence. It tried to shake it out and then it shook it legs reallly hard that its bones were broken. It died when the owner took it to the vet or something. The other one died because it had a heart attack. I found this really sad news ..

    • Yes, that’s right, Kelele. It was very sad that two horses died. Thanks for your comments and for keeping up with what’s happening in the news. Well done.

  8. Hi Mrs Francis.
    In swimming are girls allowed to leave their hair down when it is wet a little bit(after change) ?
    Because in the afternoon there is sport, music library, computers and more
    Or not to or as long as the hair is tied up again.
    See you tomorrow!

    • Samantha, you can leave your hair down while you towel dry it, and hopefully, by the time we get back, it will mostly be dry, so then you can tie it back. Hope that helps.

    • You need to find another past Prime Minister and then compare the Prime Minister you researched last week with your new Prime Minister. Draw two columns in your book:one for similarities and one for differences. Then compare the two Prime Ministers, for example, the political parties they belonged to, what some of their policies were, what did they achieve while they were in office, were they the same age, how many terms did they serve…..etc.

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