Persuasive Language: Advertisements

advertising 1

by Kimi, Shenell and Samantha


advertising 3

by Vi and Christine

advertisng 2

by Roshan, Robert, Jason and Eric

advertising 4

by Tracey, Joanna and Julie



by Kelly and Linh


Untitled 3

by Jordan and Kyle





18 thoughts on “Persuasive Language: Advertisements

  1. Hello Mrs Francis,
    These advertisements looks GREAT! The Crunchie Caramello looks reeeeally tempting. I wish they WERE real!!

  2. WOW these posters are awesome i bet they took a while to make! I think i like the ‘CHARGE YOUR PHONE’ poster the most.

    Savio P

    • Thanks Savio for stopping by. Our class enjoyed designing the advertisements. Check out some of our other work and let us know what you think. Mrs Francis

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