Chromebook rules

While at school:-

Chromebooks are not to be kept in bags.

Ask permission before using your chrome-book.

No liquid or food allowed on the table with the chrome-books.

Do not touch other people’s chrome-books.

No sound recording or camera use allowed without teacher permission.

Keep the chrome-books flat on your desk – do not stack it with other objects.

Hold chrome-book with two hands when carrying them from one place to another.

Do not hold the chrome-book by the screen.

Pouches and chrome-books are not to be decorated with stickers or graffiti.

Pictures and songs and documents should be appropriate for school.

Use ‘ear phones’ not ‘head phones’.

Chromebooks are to be used for school work only – not games.

Chromebooks should only be cleaned using a clean, dry, soft cloth.

Treat your chrome-book as a valuable resource, don’t leave it lying around. It is not a toy!

If something pops up on the screen ask an adult, do not accept all pop-ups.

Do not enter a classroom in the absence of a teacher.


When travelling between home and school:-

Do not put water bottles in the school bag with the chrome-book.

Chrome-books should be in the bag, not carried in your hands.

Don’t tell the world you have a chrome-book.


At home:

Every night, charge your chrome-book at home in a safe place and leave your charger at home.


If the chrome-book is damaged or lost it is your responsibility to replace it.

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