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Mini Commonwealth Games at our School

This week sees the end of our Healthy Choices Week.

As part of our activities, the 5/6 classes had to plan and run a mini Commonwealth Games afternoon for a Year level.

Our class had to plan and run games for the Prep children in our school.

We had eight groups of 5/6 students, each with about 10 Prep students.

We had the responsibility of designing the game, organizing it, testing it to see if it worked, gathering the equipment which we needed, and also running the game on the day.

We had four games and each group of 10 Preps rotated between each game, so everyone managed to have a go at each activity.

The four activities were:

1. Ice cream cone zig-zag, or ping pong ball and spoon race

2. Tunnel Ball

3. Bouncing Ball and through the Hoop race

4. Mini Hurdles with through the hoop twist.

This fun afternoon coincided with the Prep’s 100 days of school. The Preps really enjoyed the games!

We had also designed medals which we gave to each of the Preps. They had a great time and so did we!

The mini Commonwealth Games gave each of us an opportunity of stepping up and taking responsibility for someone in the Junior classes. It also fitted in with the SEL and Buddy program at our school.

Mini Commonwealth Games on PhotoPeach


This week it is 


at our school.

Our Integrated Studies topics Healthy Living, Healthy People and Commonwealth Games have allowed us participate in many new and exciting activities.

As you can see from previous posts we have already completed many interesting activities on healthy eating, including dental and oral hygiene.

Today was no exception!

We had a fun afternoon playing five different “MINUTE TO WIN IT” games. We learnt that although some of the games looked easy, it wasn’t until we really tried them, that we discovered they were really quite difficult, and almost impossible! We also learnt about group co-operative skills, and that just playing games can help our fitness whilst having fun at the same time!

The rotation activities included, rolling marbles down a table, rolling a ping pong ball down a tape measure into a glass, maintaining a feather in the air without touching it, bouncing pencils into a cup and blowing a deck of cards off the top of a glass!

We hope you enjoy watching our short video!

The Commonwealth Games Explained – 2014

The Commonwealth Games are due to begin in Glasgow, Scotland,

on the 23rd July, 2014 and will continue until the 3rd August 2014.

Watch this YouTube video for background information on what the Commonwealth Games are and why we hold

the Commonwealth Games.
I hope you enjoy this presentation.

It is quite a catchy tune!