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We Are All Born Free – Our Interpretation

Continuing our study of justice and equality, we read the book  We are All Born Free.

Each of us chose one of the charters from the Declaration of Human Rights.

The following is our interpretation of each of the declarations.

We chose illustrations to assist us to the convey our message.

We hope you enjoy reading our version.

What do you think?

Did you learn anything new about people’s rights?

Have some of your ideas changed since studying this unit?

Write back and tell me what you think.

I thought I would also add this YouTube video for you to consider. 

How can one random act of kindness help so many people?

How does the boomerang of kindness work? 

R.E. – Declaration of Human Rights

Hi all, thought I would include these You tube videos on the Declaration of human rights.
It fits in perfectly with our R.E. unit on Justice and Compassion.
Have a look at the videos so that you can have some understanding of what the Declaration of Human Rights is all about.
It is very interesting and gives you much food for thought!

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