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The Science of Addictive Food – Look at your food labels!

I know you will find this video quite fascinating.

Did you know that there is actually a science

which goes behind the preparation of packaged foods?

Do you agree with what was said in the video

about how packaged food makes you feel when you eat it?

When was the last time you ate processed, packaged food?

How can you make better, more informed choices

about what goes in your mouth?

How you can substitute ” fatty, sugary salty, addictive packaged foods

“for healthy, fresh, non-addictive foods that are in fact good for you?”

Reading a food label

Hi everyone

As we continue our Healthy Living, Healthy People study we will now consider food labels.

Have you ever stopped to look at a food label?

Watch the following video.

Are you getting the right amount of fibre or is there

too much salt, or carbohydrates, or sugar,

in the packaged foods you are eating?

Do you know what each number stands for? What is each good for?

Did you realise that sugar can come under so many headings?

See if you can work out how much of the good nutrients

you are really getting when you eat packaged foods.


Have you ever thought about what’s in your food?

Have a look at the ingredients label of a product sitting in your pantry.

Do you know what all those things listed are?

Do you know what all the numbers mean?

Check it out! Find out what all these numbers and products are.

Are they really any good for you.?

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

Hi everyone
Continuing our topic of healthy eating, one of our teachers has brought this YouTube video to our attention.
Watch the video and see what really happens.
Did you know that this happened to our fruits and vegetables?
Are you aware of the amount of food that is wasted because some fruit and vegetables have imperfections?
What do you think? Would you buy fruit and vegetables if they were cheaper, but had some imperfections? I would love to hear what you think. Write back and tell me.