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Famous Victorians – What’s Your Story – Book Week 2015

book week 2015As part of Book Week our librarian organised for the year 5/6’s to visit the Melbourne Museum and the The State Library of Victoria. When we went to the State Library of Victoria we were greeted by a teacher librarian and went over to the Workshop. There she explained that we were to pick one of 7 famous Australians (Ned Kelly, Vida Goldstein, John Batman, John Pascoe Fawkner, William Buckley, ST Gill or William Barack) and research their lives. We used Ergo to research and Animoto to create our video. In our video we had to include 3 facts, 2 questions and 1 thought.    The hour we spent there was worthwhile and we had a lot of fun.

After all that we had a tour of the State Library and found out that the Library had a 100 year-old biscuit; it was a pity that we couldn’t see it. We got to travel back in time by looking at artwork; we saw Melbourne transform from a small colony to a lively community. Another interesting fact we learnt was that Redmond Barry was the one who opened the State Library and was also the judge who sentenced Ned Kelly to death. Overall the experience was very enjoyable.

Written by Anna and Mathew

Melbourne Museum – Excursion


Today we had the privilege of going to the Melbourne Museum. Our librarian organised our excursion as part of our Book Week activities. We were able to take the i-pads to capture our journey. The purpose of our journey was to learn about Australian History, so the First People’s exhibit was perfect. Here we learnt about Indigenous Australians – their history, customs, culture and artwork! We were so excited. From there we moved to the Forest Gallery, where we saw nature at its very best, viewing many small bugs, insects and birds in their natural habitat. Our next stop was the Science and Life gallery where we viewed dinosaurs, bugs, underwater creatures and animals in the wild.  This was very interesting and certainly captured our imagination. We also saw the Dynamic Earth exhibit. We put on our 3-D glasses and were transported to a land of earthquakes and underwater eruptions. We really enjoyed this exhibit. Our final stop was the Melbourne Story gallery. Here we were able to relive the history of Melbourne, and it brought back much of what we had studied in Term One. It was an enjoyable and very educational day.

Excursion to the Melbourne Museum on PhotoPeach

What do you think? What was the best part of today’s excursion?

What were two new things you discovered today?

Write back and tell me. I would love to hear your thoughts.