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The Prophets and the Messiah

Below are some videos which may assist your understanding of our current RE topic

of Jesus the Light of the World, the darkness does not understand.

By looking at the Bible, we have seen that throughout the Old Testament, God sent his prophets to help prepare the way for the Messiah, God’s son Jesus.

We can especially see this in the prophecy of Isaiah as well as John the Baptist. 

The following YouTube videos will help you understand how God was preparing us.

It also helps put history into context, and helps us understand how

God always rescues us from our wrongdoings.

We hope you enjoy watching the videos.

Religion – Jesus the Light of the World

Our Religion topic for this term is ‘Jesus the Light of the World’.

We have been discussing what

light actually means and what darkness means.

We have looked at how Jesus is the light amidst the darkness.

We had some very interesting discussions.

Below is a video we watched which helped us

understand the topic more clearly.

We also watched the following video.

This was very enlightening, since it showed us all

how in the midst of darkness, there is always light.

We asked ourselves how we can be the light in the darkness.

How can we all be like Jesus and help those

around us come out of the darkness?

What do you think?