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Kingdom of Lost Children – Links to the Official Website

Dear M/s Carter,

We received your beautiful artwork this week and the children in our class have been absolutely blown away by the stunning and colourful designs.  We can hardly wait to start using them to help us with our creative writing. The bookmarks are very special and will be treasured by each and every child.

We have now included your official website on our blog.

Visitors can just go to the links

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or to this post linked under Literature and Reviews.

These are direct links

and hopefully people can go to your website

to find out more about your wonderful book.

Kingdom of Lost Children – the book of Ren


Kingdom of Lost Children – Official Website

M/s Carter we would like to say

a very big thank you

from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness,

and for sending us your beautiful artwork. 

We are indeed very privileged and feel quite honoured

to have received these beautiful pieces and the lovely bookmarks.

From  5/6 Francis

Here are some of the children’s words of gratitude about your book. The remainder are in the comments.

Dear Ms Carter, After I read the book I was waiting in excitement for you to send us your beautifully created artwork. I am still waiting in pure anticipation for our personalised pieces of art. I hope it’s not too much to do since I’m sure you are very busy. I’m grateful that you have made time for us. I hear that we are using your artwork to do visual literacy next term and I can’t wait! Once again, I’m honoured to have read this book that is not even out in Australia yet. I’ll have to read about what we can do to help those poor children. I have to say that to everybody I know, to spread the word. ~Artemis

Dear Ms Carter, Thank you so much for your AMAZING book; it really has been an honour to read it. I really have enjoyed every single word. Thank you for your fantastic book marks and wonderful pictures that you have sent all the way from Hong Kong. You are a fantastic writer and artist. Once again thank you so much for you AMAZING book marks and drawings. (Joanna)

Dear Mrs Carter, Your artwork looks so realistic!! The pictures look amazing, so real and so beautiful! Thank you for sending us your bookmarks and pictures! Are you going to write another book? Good luck if you will! I hope you will. (Eric)

Dear Ms Carter  Mrs Francis showed us your awesome artworks; you are a professional at drawing. I can’t wait to read it, I know it’s going to be the best book in Australia because the people in our class enjoyed it and I am really, really excited to read it soon. (Roshan)

Dear Ms Carter
I haven’t read the book but I’m waiting for my turn to read the book. I think that the artwork is really good and thank you for the bookmarks. (Vincent)

Hi Ms Carter,  Thank you for the lovely bookmarks and the amazing pictures, we are taking turns on reading your great book! And your artwork is wonderful! We are all excited to read the book and use your lovely bookmarks. (Samantha)

Dear Ms Carter We thank you so much for your beautiful artwork and those lovely bookmarks! I can’t wait until it’s my turn to read Kingdom of Lost Children. I hope you enjoy reading our comments! (Christian)

Dear M/s Carter, Mrs Francis showed the class your fantastic book and since I haven’t read it I am desperate to read it. I would like to say thank you for sending photos of the book to Mrs Francis’ Class and thank you for your hard work on the all the things you sent us like the bookmarks, A4 pictures and the A5 pictures of the book!!!!!!!  (Kyle)

Ms Carter Thank you for the Kingdom of Lost Children and for the bookmarks and the fascinating pieces of art. I haven’t yet read the Kingdom of Lost Children but I think if I do I’ll be crazy about it. I think the people that have read the book must be really lucky. I have heard that all the people who read it said it was great and amazing. I’m really looking forward to reading this beautiful and fascinating book!  (Kimi )

Dear Ms Carter, This is a great honor to read your book and to be in Mrs Francis’ class. I really would like to thank you, Ms Carter, for all your efforts and all the trouble you went to for the artwork and bookmarks that you delivered for our class this year! I think it will be good for visual literacy. Another thanks to Ms Carter for everything! (Julie)

Hi Ms Carter, Thank you for the bookmarks and pictures for the book called Kingdom of Lost Children. Mrs Francis showed us the pictures and bookmarks, the illustrations were amazing! When I went to language school a parent said that the book was truly amazing. Thank you for the book again! (Christine)

 Hi Ms Carter,
Thank you very much for the pictures that you have sent us. The bookmarks will be treasured very dearly. I really did enjoy this book. The artwork was amazing. In this book there were a lot of imaginary places and creatures. This was one of the things that made this book so interesting. One of my favourite pictures is ‘The Battle’ because of the way it is drawn and how it shows the character’s feelings. This book also had a lot of depth in it because it talked about how children are being treated and how they want to be free to live their own life. Also it tells us that no adult has the right to kidnap children away from their families. One of the things that I find important in the society is that we all should never lose hope, no matter what the outcomes may be. Anyway Ms Carter I really enjoy this story and I can keep reading it and never get tired of it. (Tracey)

Dear Ms Carter, It was a great privilege to read the book. I was so excited to read it at first. I knew there would be something special about the book. It was deeply expressed, with such beautifully-drawn pictures. I loved the pictures the most, they were so meaningful! Thank you so much Ms Carter for the artwork that you gave us! They were truly beautiful! I will remember those special moments when I read the book forever. Thank you!! (Kelly)