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Shadow Puppet Show: Peter and the Wolf: Instruments of the Orchestra

 Following on from your excursion to the MSO, where you met the various instruments of the orchestra, I thought I would include this cute shadow puppet show called Peter and the Wolf.

As you watch, listen for all the different instruments of the orchestra.

It might help refresh your memories.  I hope you enjoy it.  Some of your younger brothers or sisters may even enjoy the show!

Don’t forget to turn up your speakers!

Shadow Puppet Show: Peter and the Wolf

And now I hope you enjoy this next hand shadow puppet show by the talented Raymond Crowe and featuring the beautiful song ‘What a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong. Again turn up your speakers.

What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

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Today all the 5/6 students had the opportunity of going to the Melbourne Town Hall to listen to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. During our music lessons we have been studying the orchestra, and the various parts that make up the orchestra.  This excursion was part of our study. We shared this wonderful experience with many other Melbourne Schools. We were completely captivated by the talents of everyone from the very first note. It was an exciting event and one that we will treasure for a long time.

The show was called Meet the Orchestra. The empty stage, slowly filled with the musicians as we waited patiently for the show to commence.  Eventually the full orchestra was assembled.  The conductor introduced us all to each part of the orchestra.Having the musicians dressed in colour-coded T-shirts helped us see exactly where instruments from the same family were assembled. The music showcased Australian composers. We were captivated by the wonderful music which transported us to Kakadu, with the sound of birds in flight and then along the train tracks with the rhythmic sound of a train on tracks. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the show, especially when the audience was asked to take part with a body percussion song and singing.