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Poetry and Shaving Cream Art

After watching the YouTube video on ‘What a wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong, we reflected on the beauty of our world. Looking through a window, what did we see?

Beautiful colours of the earth and the heavens.

We then created our “shaving cream” art piece using shaving cream and poster paint.

We had a lot of fun creating this art piece, even though it was so messy.

We didn’t know what designs we would end up with until we turned the paper over!

What we ended up with were some very abstract art pieces!

 When they were dry, we had to decide what shapes we would cut our art piece into; then we measured and cut the art piece into the different shapes.

Below is our interpretation of looking through a window and seeing the beautiful colours and shapes of the world around us.

Looking through the window of each art piece, what can you see?

Look closely because there are so many hidden shapes and animals. Look closely!