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Outer Space – Maths Hunt – Study Jams

Follow these great links to some fun maths activities

Math Hunt             Math Hunt

Outer Space Math Hunt   Outer Space Math Hunt

This next link takes you to some Interactive Study Jams on the Solar System.

Now that we have almost finished our study of the Solar System,

test yourself with these quizzes:

  Solar System Study Jams

A Day Made of Glass – the future of technology

Watch this video.

Is this the future?

Will your day be like this?

Will your classroom look like this?

Write back and tell me what you think the coolest thing about school

would be in a day made of glass.

Has all this been made possible because of Space Exploration?

What do you think?

Has your life been made easier through all this technology?

Space Exploration – the benefits

Recently in our class we have been learning about Space and Space Exploration.

We have started to discuss the benefits of space exploration and questioning: why continue?

One of our RE topics has been the issue of justice.

We started to discuss the problems here on earth, the poverty and world hunger.

We looked at the amount of money spent on Space exploration and had a debate about whether that money would have been better spent on solving the problems here on Earth.

Watch this video:

Follow the link to some more information about Space Exploration:


Write back and tell me what you think?

Do you think we need to continue Space exploration to benefit mankind?

Or do we need to solve problems like world hunger?

How has space exploration changed your life?

Earth actually older than we think!

earth older

According to one newspaper report, scientists have discovered that Earth is actually older than we first thought.

Have a read of the article.

JUN 11, 2014 8:20PM

The Earth is looking pretty good for its age, but that might be because it’s actually a lot older than we first thought.

It has been revealed that our planet could be 60 million years more senior after research conducted by geochemists at the University of Lorraine in France studied gases that have been around since Earth’s early days.

To go back to “deep time” it becomes difficult to put a date on early Earth events because, as typical geology uses rock composition to indicate time, there were no rock layers during its infancy. Another way to understand how old something is can be done by comparing changes in the amount of different gases around at certain dates.

The team analysed xenon gas found in Australian and South African quartz, which go back to 2.7 and 3.4 billion years. Gas is preserved in the quartz and acts like a time capsule for scientists to compare and refine dating techniques and estimate when Earth began to form.

It was previously thought the Earth’s atmosphere formed 100 million years after the solar system’s formation. But going by this new calculation it’s estimated this is now around 40 million years after.

But Mother Nature won’t have to worry about a senior’s card just yet. With the Earth’s age locked at over 4.5 billion-years-old this extra 60 million is, in the grand scheme of things, not a significant number but in an evolutionary realm a lot can happen in this time.

Evidence to come out this week has strengthened the theory that the moon was formed when a large object smashed into early Earth, sending fragments of molten rock and gas into space where they all consolidated to make the moon. So if this is the case, the moon also has just notched up a few more birthdays.

The Beauty of the Heavens – Our Interpretation

This is our interpretation of the Beauty of the Heavens.

This artwork took us a few weeks to complete. First we used watercolor paints on waterproof paper to paint how we saw the heavens. We sprinkled salt over the painting so that it absorbed the excess water. When it was dry we brushed off as much of the salt as we could, then did our “splatter” to signify the stars. We waited a few days for our paintings to dry again. We then created our Earth (black mountains) to signify watching the heavens from Earth. We really enjoyed this activity.

We hope you enjoy our interpretations! Remember to turn up your speakers!

The Beauty of the Heavens – Our Interpretation on PhotoPeach

Solar System: Homework Research Assignments

Hi everyone. Since you are all starting to think about some ‘I wonder’ questions regarding our new Integrated topic, I have included the project sheet which we will look at in class. This way you can always refer to it if it is in our blog. Start thinking about which topics you will research. Remember: You must choose ONE topic from each column. Remember to also present your work in an interesting manner. From week to week we will add someone’s work to our blog.

Our Place In Space


In preparation for our study of Space and the solar system, I have included some YouTube videos. Go to Pages on the blog and then click on The solar system. It should take you straight to the videos. There are some truly remarkable scenes courtesy of the Hubble Telescope.
I hope you enjoy watching them.

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