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Sovereign Hill Camp

Well everyone, we finally made it!

An entire term studying the gold rush helped give us a rich,

rewarding experience at camp.

Below are our thoughts on our camp experiences. 

There are also sample photos of the great activities we participated in whilst on camp.

We hope you enjoy watching the following videos.

We were also involved in art activities to re-create what life

may have been like on the gold fields.

We created paintings and added pictures of people and items used on the diggings. 

We also had to re-create a model of items of the 1850’s.

We hope you enjoy watching the video of our completed work.


Sovereign Hill – A Recount of our Experiences!

Hello 5/6 Francis bloggers,

Thanks everyone for your efforts in writing up your

experiences at Sovereign Hill.

The finished product is something you should be proud of.  Well done!

We hope you all enjoy watching our presentation.

Make sure you leave some positive comments for the authors.

Invite your parents to watch the presentation as well

so they can see how fantastic Sovereign Hill is;

ask them to leave a comment.

Don’t forget to turn up your speakers as you watch and read!


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Sovereign Hill Camp 2014

Hello 5/6 Francis bloggers, and welcome back to the future.

I know you all had a wonderful time in Sovereign Hill.

From all accounts you enjoyed your time in the 1850’s.

In the next few days we will be sharing our comments and insights whilst on camp.

Stay tuned!


Sovereign Hill Camp on PhotoPeach





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