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VOKI STORY OF THE WEEK – Christine, Tommy, Vincent and Shenell

Congratulations to

Christine, Tommy, Vincent and Shenell!

Your stories have made it to

Voki Story of the Week!

We hope you enjoy listening to

Christine, Tommy, Vincent and Shenell’s short stories.

Again, please wait for the Voki to load, since it may be slow.




Congratulations Kyle

for completing your first Voki assignment.

This has earned you a place in our

‘VOKI Story of the Week’ 

blog post feature.

Each week we will add a student story to our blog post

‘Voki Story of the Week’.

So, remember, be imaginative, and

create stories that we can share with the world.

Remember that these stories

will also be available on a Voki Page,

found in the Menu above.